Master said:

“Dafa disciples have a duty and must, no matter what, fulfill the vows that brought them to this world. For it was on that account that you once pledged your life as a god and were thus allowed to become today the most magnificent kind of being in the cosmos—a disciple of Dafa.” (“To the European Fa Conference”)

Practitioners in our area continue to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to facilities where practitioners are being unlawfully detained. This is fulfilling our prehistoric vows. The process of sending forth righteous thoughts is for us to eliminate the evil, awaken fellow practitioners who have gone astray and save sentient beings.

When we sent forth righteous thoughts, we saw at our levels that some practitioners were deceived by the evil during detention and failed to follow Master and Dafa. At that time, in the practitioners’ fields there were layers and layers of rocks that were very thick and there was no life. It was very deserted. Those who betrayed Dafa became monsters with demon's heads. They had long ears and had already fallen into a very deep well. There were two Chinese characters carved into the rocks on the side of the well, saying “hell”. These lives who were once cultivators on their way to becoming divine, fell into such a situation by making mistakes during moments of weakness. From this, we realized that cultivation is very serious.

We sincerely expressed in our hearts: “Former fellow practitioners, wake up! Do not miss this opportunity after millions of years of waiting! Do you remember us studying the Fa, doing the exercises, clarifying the truth, and saving sentient beings together? Our compassionate Master is waiting for you. Practitioners are sending forth righteous thoughts for you 24-7. Do you know that? There won’t be another chance! Wake up as soon as possible! Come back to Master, come back to Dafa!”

At that moment, I saw the following scene with my celestial eye: in a deep well, a pair of hands struggled to reach up; Master pulled them up. Another pair of hands raised up high, and the practitioner was pulled up. Seeing this, I broke into tears and cried for a long time. Deep in our hearts, we knew what this meant. Practitioners were again taken from hell by Master and given another chance to be saved. We will never be able to return Master's boundless compassion.

Facing the policemen in the dark den, we cried from our hearts with compassion: “Falun Dafa practitioners are the best people in the world. Although practitioners are suffering persecution, they still maintain their compassion, bringing hope to the world. We hope the policemen will not be deceived by the lies. Knowing the truth is the most important thing in their lives. If they treat themselves and others with kindness and conscience, they will have a beautiful future.”

We saw another vision with our celestial eyes: There were many people in a very large and deep well full of moss. Some people were trying to climb up but when they reached the top, evil dark ghosts were pushing them down. Those who did not give up continued to climb up. At that moment, we sent strong righteous thoughts to disintegrate the dark minions, rotten demons and the communist evil specter that block sentient beings from being saved. During the sending forth of righteous thoughts, we saw many snakes and toads in other dimensions. With their righteous thoughts, practitioners were able to cut them down, but soon the snake's half bodies were connected again, and the toads grew new heads.

While practitioners continued to send forth righteous thoughts, many toads, snakes and evil spirits were cleared away. We also saw the head of Mao which was cleaved in half. The rotten elements that were destroyed became like burning bills falling from the sky about the size of flies. We realized that in the past when we sent forth righteous thoughts, those rotten elements that we cleared away were pretty big – like strands of long fabric. While what we cleaned up now seemed to be much smaller in size. It seems that practitioners' righteous thoughts have already disintegrated many evil factors in other dimensions. There are now less and less evil and the progress of Fa-rectification is very rapid. Practitioners' righteous thoughts can disintegrate all evil factors.

After the evil factors were cleaned up, the whole field became clear and bright. At that moment, the beautiful scenes in other dimensions formed panoramic views: There was a beautiful rainbow crossing the heavenly river. Numerous heavenly beauties were playing along the riverbank in pretty clothes. (They were wearing ancient Chinese skirts). There were all kinds of colorful flowers blossoming along the river. They were lush and swaying with the wind and extremely beautiful. The sparkling, clear water, flowers, and white skirts, embraced the blue sky and the beautiful rainbow.

Once, we saw Master's fashen shine with dazzling lights, forming circles of golden light. They were bigger and bigger and reached the ceiling. It was very sacred and very spectacular! Practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts together had Falun rotating on top of their heads. At the same time, a big golden Falun rotated and connected everyone together. Each practitioner sat on a lotus flower. The solemn and sacred scene was beyond expression.

At that moment we recalled a saying: “It is hard to obtain a human body. It is hard to be born in China. It is hard to encounter the Fa-rectification. With all three happening, one is extremely fortunate.” While we are so lucky in our current lives – we have human bodies, we were born in China, and we obtained the Fa. What's more, we became practitioners during the Fa-rectification period to be saved by Master. We became lives created by Dafa and became lives that are admired by all sentient beings in the universe. How fortunate this is, and what a glory! We must do the three things well and cherish everything Master has given us.

I deeply believe that in the near future practitioners in China will recover their group Fa study and group exercise, just like before July 20, 1999. We will welcome Master back at that time. That will be a precious moment when the evil is gone and all sentient beings are saved.