(Clearwisdom.net) During the process of helping Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, we often have different opinions and understandings of how we do things when working with fellow practitioners as a group. Herein lies the issue of whether we are validating the Fa or validating our own ways of doing things.

Every practitioner has his or her own ways of doing things. At different perspectives and levels, each method and idea has its own reasoning and its own shortcomings. If we were to all adhere to only our own ideas, then how would we cooperate with each other? Some practitioners argue with each other over different ideas and then bungle the task at hand. If this happens, how can we accomplish our mission of saving people?

When cooperating with each other, we should give up the attachment of insisting on our own opinions. When we follow another practitioner's suggestions that may not be perfect, if we cooperate with each other and make up for any shortcomings, we will be able to reach success. This is because we have reached Master's requirement of letting go of ourselves and improving our xinxing. “One’s gong level is as high as one’s xinxing level” (Zhuan Falun). When our cultivation states meet the requirements at certain levels of the Fa, we will certainly succeed in carrying out our tasks. If we follow Master's requirement of looking within and letting go of our human notions, we are validating the Fa. To the contrary, if we all insist on our own ideas and believe that only by adopting them will something be successful, rather than be willing to cooperate with others, then this is validating our own way of doing things, and is fundamentally validating ourselves. The things we do won't be able to achieve the effect of validating the Fa, no matter how perfect the idea seems on the surface, because our xinxing does not meet the Fa's requirement.

The process of quietly cooperating with each other and harmonizing any shortcomings is the process of giving up our selfishness and human notions. This process is consistent with the Fa and saving sentient beings, as opposed to being attached to ourselves or trapped in our human notions and looking at the problems superficially. If we can understand the Fa with divine thinking, we'll do a much better job in saving sentient beings.

The above is what I personally enlightened to, I welcome practitioners to point out anything improper.