(Clearwisdom.net) “From the time I was a teenager I've been practising self-enhancing Judo, yoga, and Karate: I've studied all these different types. I used to teach philosophy, I used to teach meditation, I used to teach yoga - it's all in harmony with Natural Law. I'm basically involved in meditation and different forms of self improvement, like yoga, etc.” said Dave, the security personnel in Victoria Park in Kitchener, a small city in Southwestern Ontario. He does freelance research and used to teach philosophy at the university level.

In the past five years, Dave has conducted research on Falun Gong. Initially he quietly observed, and later he came to the practice site to introduce Falun Gong to visitors, answer questions and become a sincere supporter of Falun Gong.

Falun Gong is great

Talking about Falun Gong, Dave showed he was impressed by the practice, “Falun Gong is great! I'm particularly sympathetic to what you are doing in terms of purifying the body, making the body healthy, and developing spiritual integrity. It's an excellent program of exercise. It's an excellent program of healing. It's a very efficient way of developing spiritual integrity, and a philosophy that has everything to do with Truth. I cannot see anything at all negative with Falun Gong.

“And I think that this is a great group! I've never seen in the last five years that I've been monitoring your group, there's never been a problem; it's always been very positive, it's always been very good.

“From a philosophical posture, at the risk of oversimplifying, the study of philosophy is the study of Truth, the universal principles that govern the evolution of creation. I think that the philosophy of Falun Gong is solid.  I think it's very good.  I think it focuses on developing spirituality, on evolving, positively changing in a psychological way or a spiritual way.  So it's a very good thing both spiritually and physically.

“One of the things that Falun Gong does is it gets you in harmony, in synchrony with Natural Law. What it does is to allow individuals to evolve and to change in a positive way. You're one with the force of Nature, and it feeds you, and it heals you, and it causes you to grow and evolve spiritually, to become enlightened, to know what the Truth is and to become much more patient and tolerant and compassionate.”

If you're suppressing something that's good, that's evil.”

From his research, Dave explained, “I can understand why the Mainland Chinese government feels so threatened by Falun Gong: because it basically originated in China. So it's essential to the Chinese people. So when the people get this, they're prepared for it and stick to it like a magnet. It draws them towards it. They get involved in it and they love it so they do it. From Falun Gong, the Mainland Chinese Communist regime sees the remnants of the Chinese traditional culture. They see it spreading very quickly. So they are trying to put it out!

“So I can understand when the Mainland Chinese government is so threatened by it that they are trying to stomp it out. They're trying to make sure nobody does it or nobody hears about it. But it's like a flower growing through the concrete. The more they try to contain it, the more it expands! If you're suppressing something that's evil, that's good. But if you're suppressing something that's good, that's evil.”

Dave felt sorrow on hearing about the CCP’s torture of Falun Gong practitioners and organ harvesting from living practitioners for lucrative profit. He said, “It seems consistent with the Mainland Chinese government. And we've seen it happen historically with Hitler and the Nazis—where we had Hitler who was a Caucasian Nazi and he was orchestrating the holocaust on the Jews or the Hebrews. And we know the history of that and how horrendous it was.

“When I first saw you guys, I started reading all of the information and the evidence that you provided. So I started taking it seriously at a very early time.  It really reminds me of what I learned from my parents' generation in terms of Hitler and the Jews. Falun Gong is being unjustifiably persecuted by the corporate political criminal elements. We all know what the Mainland Chinese government has done to the people from Falun Gong.

“Over the last 20 years I've gotten involved with many different organizations. All of the organizations that I have contact with support Falun Gong completely, and they are very much opposed to the Mainland Chinese government's persecution of Falun Gong.”

Dave expressed regret about the compromised mainstream media, “We're very disappointed that the mainstream media isn't more outward about exposing the situation with Falun Gong, and how members are detained, and tortured, and murdered, and their body parts are harvested & marketed. The media doesn't touch it. So what you have then is a situation where in Canada and in the United States to a large extent: even though the truth has been exposed, the media really doesn't cover it at all. Then what we know is that the media is being compromised by the Mainland Chinese government for economic or political reasons.

“I'm really disappointed that the media isn't exposing this the way it should be exposed. And I'm very disappointed that the U.N. has not in a very serious way and a very committed way come to the rescue of Falun Gong, and found a way, a peaceful, intelligent and legal way, to hold the Mainland Chinese government accountable for their crimes against humanity and Nature. I also believe that humanity as a whole, on planet Earth, we have a responsibility to hold everyone accountable, especially when it comes to the corporate political arena.  And so far, at this particular point in time, humanity has not held the Mainland Chinese government accountable.”

Justice will prevail

As to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, someone said, "It's very beautiful; but there are few people who practise it.” However, facing imprisonment, torture and killing for 12 years, Falun Gong practitioners have kept following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and peacefully protested the persecution.

Dave said, “Well if you're in a harsh environment, you can understand why people, especially the Chinese people, especially people living in Mainland China, would be hesitant to go for the principle, and to get involved in it, and to practise it for fear of repercussions within this comparatively hostile environment; so that's true too! 

“That's why I've said on many occasions that the people I work with, all of them are citizens of human rights group, citizens of justice group, and citizens of government, who really support your position and they admire the courage you have. What you're up against, I mean the Mainland Chinese government, that's like David and Goliath!

“And that's why I say we admire the courage of Falun Gong practitioners: they have the courage to stand up and in this particular situation to go public with their agenda, because as soon as you do that, you make yourself a target of the Chinese regime. It kind of reminds me of Mahatma Ghandi in a way.”

Regarding the future, Dave said, “I believe very much in the Universal Law of Karma. In Western Society and Scientific Society we interpret it as the Law of Motion - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  In Christianity, they talk about the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Within law enforcement and the military, they talk about 'What goes around comes around'; what you give out comes back.  So I think inevitably we are looking at a situation where the Mainland Chinese government is going to destroy itself, through violation of Natural Law.  And I believe that's inevitable.”