(Clearwisdom.net) What is “fear”? Generally speaking, as I understand it, fear is a reflection of the attachment to comfort. The Chinese Communist Party has recently persecuted many fellow practitioners in my area. I was concerned about the safety of those practitioners and the progress of Fa-rectification. I was worried that the persecuted practitioners might not be able to endure the hardship and steadfastly continue their cultivation. I also felt distressed and, after thinking about it, I found that the pressure I was feeling came from my fear over my own safety. Whilst thinking about it, I recalled the cultivation story of Buddha Milarepa.

Buddha Milarepa had a rough childhood. Enlightened from fickle human events and the suffering in the secular world, he was firmly determined to become a Buddha. His strong desire to become a Buddha enabled him to abandon emotions toward mundane affairs and advance along a path of cultivation. He isolated himself and cultivated alone on a distant mountain. He not only dealt with interference from evil, animals, bugs and snakes, but also faced the cold, hunger and loneliness.

Nowadays, if our attitude toward cultivation and Fa-rectification does not match that of Buddha Milarepa, it must be attributed to our failure to let go of emotion. We did not come to this world simply for cultivation. Because of our prehistoric vow, we come as Dafa disciples to assist Master to rectify the Fa. To fulfill this mission, we should be better than Buddha Milarepa with regards to our attitude towards cultivation. How many of us, as Dafa disciples, truly understand our responsibilities and duties? We need to wake up from indulgence in human illusions. We need to promptly develop, with our righteous thoughts, an invincible force, as strong as the “Black Armor Troop” in the Tang Dynasty, to overcome the old forces during Fa-rectification. When I read the article “Where Is the 'Black Armor Troop' Today?” posted on the Minghui website on June 16 (and Clearwisdom on July 6), I was shocked and really wondered where the Black Armor Troop is today. I strongly recommend fellow practitioners read this article. (http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2011/7/6/126538.html)