(Clearwisdom.net) I recently lost my voice very suddenly. After searching inward, I found that the reason was because I had not cultivated my speech well. I thought, “It will be fine. I will recover soon.” However, two days passed and I still had not recovered. I wondered, “How long will this last?” A practitioner close to me also asked, “What happened?” I replied, “It's because I did not cultivate my speech well.”

Although the reason had been identified, the symptom did not go away. On the afternoon of the third day, I was wondering why my voice was still hoarse.

I suddenly realized the root cause. After I had found the reason, I did not actually pay much attention to it. Although I could not speak, I still tried to express my opinions in other ways when a topic of conversation interested me. However, those topics weren't related to cultivation.

After I realized the solemn nature of cultivation, I made up my mind to eliminate this attachment. As as result, on the first day I could speak softly for about ten minutes. On the second day, I could read the Fa again at group Fa study. On the third day, my voice had completely recovered. I could not feel any symptoms on the fifth day. I understood that I should really pay attention to the cultivation of speech.

My fellow practitioners helped me to pass this tribulation. One practitioner took me to attend group Fa-study. Another practitioner discussed with me and helped me to identify the root cause of my problem.