(Clearwisdom.net) I was very ashamed a few days ago after submitting an article to Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) for publication. I had quoted Master in two places but hadn't used his original text. I thought that every practitioner was familiar with those passages so it wasn't necessary to spend the time researching them. In reality, this was a serious transgression against Falun Dafa. By the time Minghui had published the article the two quotes had already been corrected. They used Master's original words as well the source from which they originated. I greatly admired those practitioners in the editorial department of Minghui. I quickly realized how much I had fallen short by comparison. Their time is considerably more valuable than mine as they have to review many articles every day. Due to my laziness and unrighteous thoughts, the editorial department at Minghui had to spend the extra time to correct my mistakes. On the surface this may appear to be a small matter, but in reality it is quite huge, and reflects whether we are willing to help Master rectify the Fa with our whole hearts.

This experience helped me to develop a few understandings. Helping Master rectify the Fa is the greatest and holiest thing that practitioners can do and we do this as one body. If a practitioner doesn't do well, then it may interfere with the whole process of Master rectifying the Fa. Therefore, it is important that everyone must help Master rectify the Fa in all matters, no matter how small. As a matter of fact, from the standpoint of Fa principles, practitioners helping Master rectify the Fa is no small matter. In the eyes of divine beings and in other dimensions the effect may be enormous. It's only as it manifests in this human world of delusion that it appears to be very common and ordinary. People cannot see the mighty power of what practitioners do. It is extraordinary that in this world of illusion and under the interference of the old forces, Dafa practitioners are full of confidence and have unflinching resolve to help Master rectify the Fa on this path until the end. All the myriad divine beings in the universe really admire Dafa practitioners.

Practitioners participate in different projects to validate Dafa and they carry different workloads. Some of the work from an ordinary point of view is very dull and unimportant, but from the perspective of the different projects that validate the Fa, these tasks are indispensable and must be completed. If there is a part that is missing, you cannot say that the whole is complete, or if one part is incorrect then it may cause losses to the whole body. So no matter what task a practitioner does on a project to validate the Fa, it is truly magnificent. In the process of rectifying the Fa of the universe the significance is all extraordinary. Perhaps some disciples originally had the wish to do the dull and uninteresting work that no one else would be willing to do in the human world, in order to help Master rectify the Fa. In the eyes of divine beings, this practitioner is simply amazing because he chose the most insignificant role as an opportunity to give up attachments to success and fame in the interests of considering the body as a whole. In a similar fashion in the past, Buddhist monks who cooked the meals were able to reach enlightenment easily.

No matter what specific work we do on a project, they all are for the purpose of validating and helping Master rectify the Fa. They are all the most important and holy things, so we must have strict xinxing requirements for ourselves and do everything well, down to the tiniest detail. We should approach the specific tasks that we do on a Fa-rectification project as concrete manifestations of assisting Master rectify the Fa. We should do them with our whole hearts and complete them well. One absolutely must not establish one's own standards or take things for granted.

Acquiring technical skills is a prerequisite condition for doing the work of Fa-rectification well. No matter whether the skills are related to art, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument; gathering, reporting, editing or printing the news for the media; or developing software, they all require learning technical skills in order to be successful. Only then can they reach the desired effectiveness of assisting Master rectify the Fa. It will be difficult to undertake a project and do it well if this condition is not met.

Every Falun Dafa practitioner has abilities, especially while validating the Fa when working on a Dafa project. The meaning behind this is no small matter. As long as we are diligent in our Fa study, we can get twice the result with half the effort. Many practitioners have had the experience that as long as they are helping Master rectify the Fa and they study the Fa with a pure heart, it was guaranteed that they learned very quickly. Some practitioners have said, "What takes a non-practitioner a year to learn, I can master in a month." This is due to the mighty power of Dafa and because Master has pushed each one of us forward. We must have the desire to help Master rectify the Fa and aspire to continuously improve our skills as a prerequisite.

I enlightened to the understanding that while rectifying the Fa in every project, practitioners are continuously improving their technical abilities, and continuously performing their tasks better. In the process of helping Master rectify the Fa, practitioners are raising their levels and saving sentient beings at the same time. On the other hand, if we neglect to improve and master our technical abilities, we will not obtain the intended results. Also, there will be a negative impact on the whole body in the process of rectifying the Fa. Therefore, in validating Dafa, no matter what specific work we do on a particular project, we should place importance on improving and mastering our skills. We should help Master rectify the Fa down to the tiniest detail.

I would like to offer what I have come to understand to my fellow practitioners for consideration.