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International Attention on Chunghwa Telecom for Not Renewing Satellite Contract with NTD AP (Photos)
Strong Support Expressed for Chunghwa Telecom to Renew Satellite Contract with NTDTV (Photos)

It looks like New Tang Dynasty Asia Pacific Television (NTDTV) will be able to renew its broadcast contract with Taiwanese satellite operator Chunghwa Telecom after all. The obstacles NTDTV has faced in renewing its contract have received significant attention and concern around the world. The loss of satellite privileges would have left NTDTV viewers in Taiwan and Mainland China without service.

On June 22, 2011, at the Chingtao Hall in the Legislative Yuan, under the witness of Mr. Yeh Kuang-Shih, deputy minister of the Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and KMT Central Policy Committee Chief Executive Mr. Lin Yi-Shih, NTDTV representative reached a written agreement to renew NTDTV's contract with Chunghwa Telecom president Chang Shaio-Tung. The signing of the contract will be completed on June 29.

Chungwha has agreed to carry NTDTV programming on it's new ST-2 satellite, which launched in May 2011, and broadcasts into Taiwan and Mainland China.

Strong support from Taiwan and overseas for the renewal of NTDTV's contract has lasted for nearly two months. After the news about the confirmation of the contract renewal came out, supporters from various sectors expressed their congratulations as the independent Chinese television network will be able to continuously broadcast uncensored information to the Asia region.

Teresa Chu, spokesperson for NTDTV, expressed thanks to legislators from both the KMT and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for their support. She also thanks the communities of the politics, the law and the media and NTDTV viewers in Taiwan and overseas, for having strongly expressed their concerns to the Taiwan government and urged it to guarantee NTDTV's development in Taiwan.

Confirmation of the contract renewal demonstrates the power of the righteous

Huang Liangtian, former editor-in-chief of Baixing (Popular Masses) magazine was pleased upon learning the news. He said that the media in mainland China, in general, has no independence; it is basically under the control of the Communist Party propaganda department. What people have access to is mostly propaganda, much of which is based on lies or fabrications. Thus, as an ordinary citizen in mainland China, he is very pleased to see the NTDTV contract renewal, and is thankful for the help from others around the world to make it happen.

Former Chinese Broadcasting director of RFI (Radio France International), Mr. Wu Baozhang extended his warm congratulations and paid tribute to all who have made efforts on this issue. Nevertheless, he also reminds everyone to remain vigilant until the programs are being regularly broadcast.

New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce Association president and Republic of China Overseas Committee member Yu Jinshan was glad to hear about the successful renewal. He said that there occurred so many unexpected obstacles regarding such a simple contract renewal, so people should continue to pay attention to it in the future.

China Democracy Party United National Headquarters deputy secretary Kong Shiren said that the result is gratifying.

Chuang Feng-chia, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Central News Agency, said that many people's concerted efforts, including the pressure from the Legislative Yuan on the administrative departments, have played a certain role to make it possible. He said, “Now, since Chunghwa Telecom is willing to sign the contract, we hope it can last long, and won't change its mind mid-way. It should also ensure the quality and validity of the broadcasting after the contract is signed. Only by doing so will it be a reassurance for people regarding Taiwan's freedom of press, and that Taiwan's democracy can keep its vital energy,” he said.

Professor of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University Shih Shin-min said it is good news. He said that everyone has seen the efforts made by NTDTV. He hopes that more people will watch NTDTV, and share in its ideas and mission. He pointed out that NTDTV, as a media that transmits factual information for the public, has played a remarkable role. Chunghwa Telecom should continue providing NTDTV with channels so that the information can be continuously broadcast.

Continuous concern and attention needed until regular broadcasting is ensured

Teresa Chu, spokesperson for the NTDTV, said that the CCP may continue to attempt to influence the transmission of uncensored information with direct or indirect means. She said that NTDTV, under the protection of the Taiwan government, must keep cautious optimism, and require the Taiwan government to continue to provide protection. She also hopes that people from all walks of life continue to show concern.

Zan Aizong, former reporter of China Ocean News said, “If anyone has underhanded cooperation with such an organization that is against freedom of press, (referring to CCP), then, I think its brand will be disgraced and tarnished, then people will be cautious when dealing with that company in the future.” He said it is great that the Taiwan government and Chunghwa Telecom didn't refuse to sign the contract. “I think it represents support for freedom of the press, and also support for universal values,” he said.

Former Hebei People's Radio Station News Editor Zhu Xinxin said that the CCP's hypocritical and insidious nature is unmatched in the world. It has no moral beliefs and doesn't believe it will suffer any consequences, so it stops at nothing to achieve its own benefits. Everyone must be vigilant. “I also hope that the Taiwan authorities will continue to uphold freedom and not succumb to the CCP's pressure, so as to earn prestige and support among people.” He said, “I hope Chunghwa Telecom will continue to support NTDTV in the future.”