(Clearwisdom.net) Since the beginning of the persecution, many practitioners have been working hard to clarify the facts and help save sentient beings. I have found, however, that some practitioners lack compassion towards their fellow practitioners who just recently stepped forward to validate the Fa. What I see is that some practitioners only want to study the Fa among themselves, but feel uncomfortable being around those latecomers, fearing the latter may bring impure elements that could ruin their well-established cultivation environment.

I agree that latecomers do have strong human notions. The impure factors still existing in their dimensions, however, are not arranged by Master, but rather imposed on them by the evil. We always say that we strive to harmonize with what Master wants and to completely negate the old forces’ arrangements. How can we cite latecomers’ impure fields as an excuse to avoid studying the Fa with them? Aren’t we cooperating with the evil’s persecution of them? Aren’t we pushing our fellow practitioners away from us? Are we any different from the old forces? As I see it, we have deviated from the righteous path Master arranged for us, at least in this regard.

The fear that we may be interfered with by fellow practitioners’ impure elements is, in fact, a manifestation of our selfish thought to protect ourselves, an omission that could easily be exploited by the evil. When we do run into trouble, it is a result of our own attachments, not our fellow practitioners’ faults.

It is not the case that whoever a latecomer gets in touch with will be affected by his impure elements. Even if this practitioner had yet to step forward to validate the Fa, the evil would still interfere with those experienced practitioners who harbor attachments.

When a fellow practitioner is finally able to step forward to clarify the facts, isn’t it a perfect opportunity for us to work with him to eliminate evil factors interfering with his cultivation? Master will help us if we don’t have the ability to get rid of all the evil elements in his field. Helping our fellow practitioners is what Master wants us to do, so we will always have Master's protection. What’s there to be afraid of when we are doing things from the standpoint of assisting with Fa-rectification? Do we even need to distinguish whose field the evil hides in when it comes to eliminating impure factors?

On the surface it appears that we are helping our fellow practitioners when, in fact, we are elevating ourselves at the same time. We have long known from Fa-study that anyone we can save during the Fa-rectification period indeed represents an entire universe. All the sentient beings in that universe would also be saved when that person comes to understand the truth. So just imagine how many people in this human world and how many universes could be saved when we are able to help latecomers do a better job in offering salvation to sentient beings!

From a historic perspective, a newer practitioner in need of our help may have once been our family member or a friend with whom we had made a promise to remind each other to awaken during the Fa-rectification period. As such, we first-comers bear a solemn responsibility to latecomer practitioners. If we possess the ability but fail to provide assistance to them, we have failed to fulfill our responsibility. Isn’t this something we would come to regret in our cultivation?

Even though latecomers still have all kinds of shortcomings, experienced practitioners should treat them with more compassion and fewer complaints. We should not try to protect ourselves with our strong human notions. We should open our hearts and welcome them with the capacity of an enlightened being.