(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners have been talking about two types of persecution recently. One is illegal detention and the other is sickness karma. In our area, fewer and fewer practitioners are being detained. However, many practitioners seem to suffer sickness karma.

I myself encountered this. I became emaciated and my weight declined quickly. Then it was found that the sugar level in my urine was very high. In addition, I suffered a slight urinary tract infection. I kept studying the Fa and searching inwards. I found I had not eliminated my attachment to lust and often criticized others in my mind. I rectified myself accordingly. My situation changed for the better but did not completely improve.

Recently, I read some practitioners' articles about benevolent resolutions. There are many sentient beings who were killed in past lifetimes by today’s practitioners. These sentient beings might have lost arms or legs and sunken into boundless hatred. After a practitioner's grand compassion emerged, Master helped to benevolently resolve the cases. The sentient beings were very moved by the grand compassion of Dafa.

I related this to my own problem. Before I cultivated Falun Dafa, I also did many bad things. After I started to practice, I gradually remembered some things from my past lifetimes, including leading soldiers in battle, and burning and killing others. I learned that I had gone through a very long process to descend to the human world. My temper was very bad during the descending process. During my many lifetimes, I owed many debts, accrued much karma and hurt many beings. Before I always thought Master had helped me to pay all debts. I did not think it would not conform to Fa-principles if I myself did not bear any bit. By reading other practitioners’ articles, I realized this loophole of mine.

When I sent righteous thoughts, I deeply confessed all sins I did in the long historic process; I sincerely apologized to the sentient beings I had previously hurt. I wished to compassionately resolve all debts during validating the Fa as a Dafa practitioner. I wished all suffering those beings bore could turn into happiness. I hoped Master would help me fulfill my wishes. I also hoped the beings I had hurt before would respond to my wishes.

Falun Dafa practitioners have an unprecedented opportunity to validate the Fa. At the last moment of Fa-rectification, if they do not make a correct choice, they will have no chance when the great moment of Fa-rectification arrives. At that moment, I felt numerous sentient beings were silently listening to my heart's voice. I felt that Master resolved the issues in their minds with his boundless grace, which made them quickly free of pain and fly towards a happy future.

At that time, I felt a happiness I never experienced before in my heart. I felt happy for those sentient beings who were free of pain. I felt happy that my sins were cleared and compassionately resolved. I will never forget Master’s grand grace.

The next day all of my discomfort disappeared.

I hope my experience will inspire those practitioners who are in the midst of similar tribulations. Cultivation has no formula. The key point is to cultivate our xinxing.