(Clearwisdom.net) About 1680 cases of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in various labor camps and prisons were published on Clearwisdom.net in 2010. While these incidents were spread over 28 provinces nationwide, certain provinces have significantly higher number of cases: these include Liaoning Province, Heilongjiang Province, Shandong Province, Jilin Province, and Hebei Province.

At least 78 practitioners died as a result of the persecution

Based on limited information collected so far, at least 78 practitioners are confirmed dead while in custody as a result of torture, beatings, and other types of mistreatment used to force them to “{{reform}”. Cumulatively, at least 3,419 practitioners are confirmed dead due to the persecution in the past 11 years.

On July 3, 2010, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Shuling was tortured to death at the Harbin City Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. According to witnesses, Ms. Liu was placed in a metal chair and killed by shocks from electric batons. There was a ring of ecchymosis (discoloration of the skin as a result of bruising) at the back of her left ear and neck. (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2011/3/4/123589.html)

Ms. Liu Shuling and her husband Qi Zhaoqian

The afternoon of July 21, 2010 Mr. Zhu Wenua had been subjected to so called “reeducation” in the Gangbei Prison in Tianjin City. Chief prison guard Liu Chao had given the orders. The perpetrators kept torturing Mr. Zhu for more than six hours, from afternoon till night. Mr. Zhu died from the brutal beating, with his eyes wide open. The prison guards and inmates on the spot were frightened, but they still could not close his eyes. (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/11/3/121229.html)

Ms. Hu Lianhua was an elementary school teacher from Hanjiangjun Village in Xiaoying Township, Yanshan County, Hebei Province. CCP officials had her arrested and tortured many times. Ms. Hu was arrested again on September 2, 2010 by Qingyun County Police in Shandong Province. Ms. Hu's family was notified of her death on October 4, 2010. (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/10/20/120914.html)

Elementary school teacher Ms. Hu Lianhua from Yanshan County, Hebei Province

Practitioner Mr. Cai Fuchen was a model government employee working at the Longjing City Tax Bureau, Jilin Province. He died in his 40s at Gongzhuling Prison on September 15, 2010.

Falun Gong practitioners are people of high moral values

When practitioner Mr. Han Zhong was held at the Tongling City Detention Center the inmates beat him. One inmate said to others, “We are not held accountable, no matter how we beat him—he is a Falun Gong follower after all.” Brainwashed by the CCP's hate propaganda, many inmates lost their conscience and participated in the persecution for their own interests. It seemed as if their brutality could be justified simply because the victim was a Falun Gong practitioner.

Mr. Wang Gang was a practitioner in Yihezhuang Town, Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. He was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in 2004. Due to the brutal mistreatment, the bones, muscles and blood vessels in his right leg had atrophied. The prison head refused to notify Mr. Wang's family but ordered the amputation of his right leg. Only three inches of his right leg remained after the surgery.

In August 2009, Mr. Wang's family went to pick him up. Jidong Prison authorities refused to let him go. It was not until October 14, 2009, when he was diagnosed with late-stage cancer in his lymph nodes, that the prison finally released him. He died at 10 p.m. on October 31, 2009.

Mr. Wang Gang was always thinking of others and faithfully followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Once when he and his neighbor went to buy fertilizer on returning home he found that the seller had given him one extra bag. He immediately rode his bike back to pay the seller for the extra bag. That same year, a sick person was lying on the street, but no one paid any attention. He carried that person on his back to the hospital. Such an upstanding person was sent to prison because he had spoken to others revealing the CCP's hateful propaganda. (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2009/11/14/112375.html)

Ms. Yang Jinying was a practitioner from Bozhou City, Anhui Province. She died in November 2003 as a result of the persecution. Her two sons were attending middle school at the time. Mr. Wang Lei, her older son, recently filed an indictment against the Qiaocheng District Police Department for the murder of his mother. He requested an investigation and the prosecution of those responsible. In the indictment he wrote, “My mother was always a good, kind person. She had many illness and often lived in pain. After beginning to practice Falun Gong, all her illnesses disappeared. She gained a healthy weight and her face became rosy. She was busy with all the housework but didn't complain about tiredness anymore. In April 2002, officers from the Guantang Police Station broke into our home without a search warrant or showing any ID. They ransacked our home and took my mother away. During her one and a half years of detention, the officers tortured my mother in many ways. My mom's weight went from 50 kg (110 pounds) down to about 25 kg (55 pounds) in a very short time.” (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2011/1/26/122871.html)

Brutal torture and humiliation

At least two hundred practitioners are still incarcerated at in Jinan Women’s Prison, Shandong Province. Furthermore, more than ten additional prisons and labor camps in Shandong Province have been designated specifically to persecute Falun Gong practitioners: Shandong Province First Prison (for male practitioners), Huaibei Prison, Taian Prison, Jiangshuiquan Women's Labor Camp in Jinan City, Liuchangshan Labor Camp in Jinan City, Zhangqiu Labor Camp in Jinan City, Qingdao City Labor Camp, the Second Women's Labor Camp in Wangcun of Zibo City, the Qiugu Labor Camp in Zibo City, and the Changle Labor Camp in Weifang City.

To force detained practitioners to give up cultivation and write the “three statements,” guards gradually escalated the mistreatment--from threats, beating, and kicking to torture. Once a practitioner yielded, the guards forced him or her to watch a DVD that slandered Falun Gong, and to write daily reports that expressed “gratitude” toward the CCP.

The brutal torture in these labor camps and prisons is beyond imagination.

Torture demonstration: various brutal tortures in labor camps (from left to right): electrical shocks, big hang-up, death bed, brutal beating

The Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province uses various torture methods, including a dungeon, electric batons, the tiger bench, hard mask, the big hang up, stretching bed, death bed, uterine dilator, and hanging rope. As of 2010, more than 150 practitioners were still held in the Masanjia Labor Camp. From several reports received recently, guards severely tortured Ms. Zhu Xuemin and Ms. Ren Changxue, including stretching, on October 25 and November 5, 2010. (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2011/2/1/122971.html)

Masanjia Labor Camp guard Yu Jiang tortured Xi'an City practitioner Sun Yi with “the big hang up” consecutively for four months, from December 2009 to March 2010.

Guangzhou City Third Forced Labor Camp has three solitary confinement cells where detained practitioners have been monitored. To further persecute practitioners, the perpetrators used a brutal torture method called "wrapping steamed rice dumpling." First they tied practitioners' hands behind their backs, then they tied the rope around their legs, and then they pulled the roped legs upward towards the bound hands. Then they pulled the legs and hands together with great force, causing excruciating, splitting pain, until the practitioners lost consciousness. In order to "reform" practitioners, the guards also tortured them with a method called "rope-net." (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2007/6/16/86821.html)

Ms. Liu Yanhua is a practitioner from Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. She has been in solitary confinement for more than two years. Guards tortured her with the big hang up for 15 days, followed by immobilizing her in a metal chair.

At Shandong Women's Prison, guards ordered inmates to remove all clothes from the practitioners, even underwear. Practitioners were forbidden to wear underwear or use toilet paper, even during their menses.

Guards used slave labor to extract profits from Falun Gong practitioners in labor camps and prisons. In the Liaoning Women's Prison each ward contracts with the ward head. After paying several million yuan per year as a processing fee to the prison and paying the guards a salary, the ward heads get the remaining money. To gain financial profit, the captors brutally exploit detainees and violate the labor laws (which state that detainees can work only up to 8 hours per day). Prison detainees are subjected to extended hours of forced labor, usually 15 hours per day. In addition, for over six months per year, laborers are forced to work overtime, that is, about 17 hours a day. (Quoted from http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/12/19/122010.html)

Please show your support

Even when Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned, they have defended their innocence. They refuse to wear an inmate's uniform, refuse to obey inmate policies or participate in slave labor. Moreover, they tried their best to clarify the truth to others -- to inmates and guards -- to awaken their conscience. As a result, many inmates began to learn Falun Gong.

Many family members of these practitioners gradually realized that it was the CCP who was unlawful. They thus went to the detention places to request practitioners' release. Some hired attorneys to enter a non-guilty plea for the detained practitioners.

There were also stories that neighbors gathered to support Falun Gong practitioners. For example, police agents arrested Mr. Yuan Yulong, a practitioner in Fujin City, Heilongjiang Province and his son Yuan Shoujiang and daughter-in-law Gong Jinfen. Many people signed a petition letter, emphasizing their innocence and requesting their release. Fujin Police Department officials had no choice but to release two of them.

Please support Falun Gong practitioners and bring this persecution to an end. With your help, these innocent people will regain freedom.