(Clearwisdom.net) Police arrested Wu Zuqiang and his son Wu Xianjin (both practitioners) on the afternoon of October 25, 2010. The police ransacked the practitioners' home and stole their personal property. They detained them at the Hexizhongdi “Law Education School,” where they were forced to attend brainwashing sessions.

More information about Mr. Wu Zuqiang and Mr. Wu Xianjin can be found at: http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/11/15/121437.html

Relatives of Mr. Wu and his son went to Gaozhou 610 Office and Gaozhou Police Station to request the unconditional release of the father and son and the return of their confiscated property, but the 610 Office and the police station just made excuses. Gaozhou Police Station did not even allow the relatives to enter the station.

The practitioners were transferred back to Gaozhou Detention Center on the afternoon of December 22, 2010. Zhan Jie from the Gaozhou Domestic Security Division wrote a detention permit for Wu Xianjin and an arrest warrant for Wu Zuqiang, but he did not sign his name. Instead, he forced Wu Xianjin and Wu Zuqiang to sign the papers.

The relatives have been to the 610 Office and the police station several times to request the unconditional release of the practitioners and the return of their confiscated property. However, the officials have only returned a few documents, identification cards, and a motorcycle.

Phone numbers of responsible parties:
Gaozhou 610 Office: 86-668-6698610, 86-668-6671676
Wu Haiou: 86-668-3661318, 86-13824850905
Li Xinwen: 86-13809785987
Zhan Jie, Domestic Security Division officer: 86-13828611262
Gaozhou Detention Center: 86-668-6664642
Yang Hui, Maoming City 610 Office head: 86-668-2910610 (Office)
Maoming Brainwashing Center: 86-668-2292905