(Clearwisdom.net) One day in late August 2010, officials from the Shanghai 610 Office called and informed me that they were coming to my home to ask some questions. I immediately declined, but they insisted on making an appointment, negotiating in a mild tone. I thought that this was a good opportunity to clarify the truth in person, and agreed to meet them at 3:00 p.m. at the residential community office. As I hung up the phone, I realized that I still had over two hours before the meeting. I sat in tranquility and watched Teacher's Fa lecture in Dalian. Later, I sent righteous thoughts and felt very comfortable, fully strengthened with energy. I knew that Teacher was protecting and encouraging me.

I went to the residential community office as scheduled, with a heart dedicated to saving sentient beings. The secretary spoke some polite words, then took me to a room. As soon as I entered the room, a 610 Office official came in and asked, “What were you doing in the community next to yours on the evening of XX (date)?” I asked her in reply, “Am I not a resident in this community? If I go to do something in another community, is it necessary to report it to you? Is there no personal freedom? Who gives you the right to interfere with the rights of residents?” She said, “We are not interfering with your freedom. I'm asking this question because on the following day, Falun Gong flyers were posted everywhere in the community.” I replied fearlessly, “I don't know who did that, but isn't the information on the flyers the truth? Is there anything to feel guilty about for encouraging people to be good? You are setting bad people free, yet framing people who are following the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Is that correct?” Then, she asked me if I'd distributed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, or persuaded people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It seemed that she was trying to get more information about me. I didn't reply to this question directly, but asked, “What's in the Nine Commentaries?” She said that the book described all the CCP's crimes committed during its power. I said ironically, “Isn't the CCP always great, glorious and correct?” She didn't reply, so I listed the facts about the Chinese people who have been killed by the CCP during its rule, outnumbering those who had been killed in wars. I asked her, “Is this normal? This regime has killed so many innocent people for its own interests.” She said, surprised, “How do you know so many things?” I said, “The best way to hide a misdeed is not to commit it. Divine beings will settle accounts with whoever performs bad deeds.”

At that moment, the air seemed to have stopped circulating. We were both silent for several minutes. Suddenly, she asked me if my granddaughter-in-law's diabetes had disappeared. Perhaps the officers who worked in the residential community had mentioned that to her. I didn't know her intentions, and replied, “She feels better or worse, from time to time.” She asked, “Didn't your Teacher say, 'If one person practices cultivation, then his whole family will benefit.?'” I quickly replied, “If I borrow 100,000 yuan from you but never repay it, would you like that?” She said, “Of course not.” I said, “That's correct. Everyone should repay the debts they owe to others. You can't quote my Teacher's Fa out of context to suit your purposes. You are committing sins by doing so.” Later, I told her some stories about the principle of good being rewarded with good, and evil being rewarded with evil, as well as stories about karma and reincarnation. She listened quietly. Finally, she seemed to have understood something. She smiled and said, “If you think that Falun Gong is good, then continue practicing. You can also read your Teacher's books, but you must protect yourself.” I said, “You should also protect me.” She said, “I will definitely protect you as well.”

We ended the conversation after one hour. On my way back home, I was very gratified because one more life had understood the truth and attained the hope of being saved.