(Clearwisdom.net) There was a fellow practitioner who suffered from many illnesses when she was young. As she got older, her health became so bad that she had to retire early. After she started practicing Falun Gong, her health drastically improved. She rode her bicycle like a young person. Since late 2004, this practitioner has gone out every day to clarify the truth.

At one point, she clarified the truth to a middle-aged man, and he immediately renounced his Chinese Communist Party (CCP) membership. He even knelt down in front of her and said, “You are such a good person!” and thanked her profusely. This practitioner quickly pulled him up and said, “You should be thanking my Master instead.”

Another time, this practitioner went to a village and met an old lady. After clarifying the truth to her, this old lady immediately smiled and said, “I had a dream yesterday. I dreamed that someone would come and bring me good fortune. I had been waiting for you for a long time.” This old lady renounced her CCP membership and said, “You are such a good person!” This practitioner said it was all Master’s doing.

One time I asked this practitioner, “Haven’t you ever met people who refused to renounce their CCP membership and even badmouthed Falun Gong?” She replied, “Of course, I meet all kinds of people. In my work unit, there used to be a couple. They acted very selfishly, and their supervisors always had problems with them. Each time I met them, I would clarify the truth, but they refused to listen to me. I persisted and clarified the truth to them many times. In the end they finally understood the truth about Falun Gong and renounced their CCP membership.” This practitioner said that we had to address others according to their attachments in order to successfully clarify the truth to them.

This practitioner was usually very busy. She would be busy with preparing meals, housework, and taking care of her grandchild. But once she had free time, she would go out to clarify the truth to others and urge people to renounce their Party membership. Every day she would convince at least thirty to forty people to renounce their Party membership. Sometimes there would be as many as one hundred. This practitioner would do the three things required by Master with diligence. She would wake up at 3 a.m. every day. She would first finish the 5 sets of exercises. After that she would send righteous thoughts and study the Fa. She would then prepare breakfast and wait until every family member had finished breakfast and gone to work before she went out to clarify the truth to people and urge them to renounce their Party membership.

Before this practitioner went out to clarify the truth, she would first send righteous thoughts at home to ask for Master’s protection and strengthening. She would ask Master to guide those people with predestined relationship to her. Then she would bring truth-clarifying materials and go out to clarify the truth. When she met people, she would tell them to renounce their Party membership in order to safeguard their futures. She told them that only by renouncing their Party membership would they be able to be protected when the CCP’s day of reckoning comes. Those people with predestined relationships, who had renounced their Party membership, were all very grateful to this practitioner. She also urged people to renounce their Party membership at places where there are lots of people, like schools, shops and the marketplace. Each time she went out, she would bring truth-clarifying materials with her. The people who received these things from her would express their gratitude.

This practitioner was arrested by the evil forces in 2005 and brought to a detention center. On a daily basis, she sent righteous thoughts, recited the Fa, and with Master’s help, she managed to leave within 17 days.

This practitioner frequently said, “There are no shortcuts in cultivation, regardless of what tribulations you meet, you should look inwards for your own problem and improve yourself.”