(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Cui Shuang from Tangzhuang Village, Kouzhuang Township, Qianan City in Hebei Province, was 22 years old this year. She was planning to get married, but on October 7, 2011, one week before the wedding, she suddenly became critically ill.

Hospital Could Not Cure Ms. Cui Shuang's Illness

Ms. Cui was taken to Qianan Chinese Medicine Hospital, and was required to stay there for observation. The doctor on duty arranged for her to receive a number of emergency tests the same day. On the afternoon of October 8, a doctor told her fiancé that her illness was very severe and that she should be transferred to Tangshan City for further treatment. He was so scared of losing her that he began crying. Two of their family members drove Ms. Cui to Tangshan that night.

They first went to Tangshan Worker's Hospital, but when the doctor on duty checked Ms. Cui's medical records, they recommended that they go straight to the Kaiping Infectious Disease Hospital in Tangshan. It was already midnight by the time they arrived there. The doctor looked through her medical records and asked about her symptoms. Ms. Cui said that her eyes were yellow and she that felt there were two flows of qi moving in her stomach. She also said that she was very weak, but could still manage to walk by herself. The doctor had her take an IV injection, and did many different tests, trying to find the cause of the illness. The next day, she was able to walk around the small park within the hospital grounds.

Two days later, Ms. Cui and her fiancé went out to pick up his elder brother, who came from Beijing to visit her. However, her fiancé received a phone call from the doctor shortly after leaving, telling them to return to the hospital immediately, as they had identified the severity of the illness.

Ms. Cui had to have a blood sample taken every morning and each time they drew six vials of blood. She had a sample of her bone marrow taken three times, and every morning she had to have an IV injection. But her illness only worsened. By the fifth day, she could no longer get out of bed. Her memory was deteriorating, and she lost control of her bowel movements. The hospital notified her family that she was in the advanced stages of hepatitis and that she only had a few days to live. The doctors checked her every few hours to see if her pupils were dilated and whether she had a pulse. The hospital costs had amounted to 30,000 yuan for the seven day period, which was all of the money that Ms. Cui had prepared for her marriage.

Under Master's Protection Ms. Cui Shuang Gradually Recovers

Ms. Cui's mother is a Falun Gong practitioner, and knew that the doctors at the hospital had already tried their best but could not save her daughter. She could only ask for Master's help, and did all that she could for her daughter. The hospital staff turned off all the medical equipment and removed the tubes that were connected to Ms. Cui, and they went home.

There were many people in and around the house when they arrived, and Ms. Cui was carried into the house on a stretcher. She gradually became more alert and was able to eat a small amount of porridge and drink some apple juice. Her family members who did not practice Falun Gong were still worried about her, so they took her back to Kaiping Infectious Disease Hospital the next day to continue the treatments. This time the family had to borrow money to pay for the medical costs.

Ms. Cui was given IV injections again. This time the doctor said that she may lose her life at any time because she had subacute hepatitis. They reduced the quantity of the IV liquid, but her body refused to absorb any of it and it all came out. Ms. Cui's hands and feet were swollen. She was brought home on October 24, and her mother started to ask for Master's help again. As soon as Ms. Cui started to become more alert, her mother asked her to recite, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She also told Ms. Cui to ask Master for help.

At about 3:00 a.m. on October 25, Ms. Cui's mother led her in practicing the exercises. Ms. Cui could not stand, so she lay on the bed to do the movements. When she could sit up, she tried to do the sitting meditation in bed. Her hands shook uncontrollably at first, but she eventually began to relax more and her hands became more still. After she had finished doing the exercises with her mother, she could get out of bed, but her body was still very weak and she could not walk unaided.

The next day, Ms. Cui pushed an office chair to help her walk around in her room, and it wasn’t long before she was able to walk in the yard without holding on to anything. She started to visit her neighbors on the third day, and was riding her bike to the grocery store on the fourth day. When people recognized her, they were truly amazed at her recovery. By the end of the first week, Ms. Cui went to visit her grandmother who lived in a nearby village.

Whenever Ms. Cui's mother had time, she studied the Fa with her daughter. When Ms. Cui was listening to Master's lecture one day, she said, “My illness seemed like a dream. I was at death's door, and I was pulled back by Master. I have to thank Master for allowing me to stay alive. I am now very healthy. My hands and feet work well and my mind is no longer cloudy. Only Master could help me achieve all of this.”

Local Villagers Learn the Facts About Falun Gong

Ms. Cui's story became well known throughout the village and the surrounding area.

Some of Ms. Cui's family members believed the Chinese Communist Party propaganda about Falun Gong, and could not understand how she had fully recovered from her illness. When Ms. Cui was first taken home by her mother on October 26, someone reported Ms. Cui's mother to Kouzhuangxiang Police Station. Xiao Tang and two other officers went to their home the same day. Ms. Cui was helping her mother in the yard at the time. When they saw the police officers, her mother quickly helped her back into her house. The officers followed them. They accused Ms. Cui's mother of allowing her daughter to practice Falun Gong, and confiscated a photograph of Master, the book Zhuan Falun, an MP3 player, and 150 yuan in cash. Ms. Cui and her elder brother were left feeling very scared and shaken by the whole event.

Yang Yulin, the head of Qianan City 610 Office, along with assistant head of Qianan Domestic Security Division Pu Yonglai, and about ten other local government officials rushed into Ms. Cui's home the next day. Some of the officials questioned Ms. Cui's mother as to why she would not allow her daughter to have IV injections. She replied, “My daughter's body rejected the injections and the liquid would not go in. We have spent over 40,000 yuan for her treatment but the hospital could not heal her. In the end we had to take her home, as she had already lost consciousness. As normal medical treatments could not cure my daughter's illness, I believed that only Dafa could save her life.” Ms. Cui's mother invited Yang Yulin and Pu Yonglai to come inside to check on her daughter, but none of them wanted to do so. A few more officials drove up to Ms. Cui's house several days later. But when they saw her doing household chores through the window, they left without making a fuss.

By practicing Falun Gong with her mother, Ms. Cui miraculously recovered. She can now go anywhere she wants and doesn't feel tired even after a long journey. Her story has also allowed people to witness the great health benefits that the practice has to offer.