(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhou is a new immigrant to Canada. She used to be an athlete and she was healthy in many respects except for her headaches. She suffered severe headaches for eight years and could not find any reason. One recent Wednesday evening at a local group Fa-study, she described her experience while attending the Falun Dafa Nine Day Lecture Series in Toronto.

This past February, Ms. Zhou read about an upcoming Nine Day Lecture Series and she decided to attend. It was snowing on the first day of the class and she could not find the place, so she called for help. A local practitioner named Ms. Song picked her up and took her to her house where the nine days classes were being held.

Ms. Zhou said that on the first day, lots of people came and everyone was peaceful and she felt just like she was in her own house. This was the first time for her to learn about the persecution in China. She said: "I could not help crying".

Ms. Zhou used to see lots of doctors but none of them were able to stop her headaches. She said: "I have seen many doctors and have taken many medications including both western and Chinese types." She said that when the pain was too hard to endure, "I just wanted to knock my head against the wall". Normally she only slept three hours a day and never more than five hours. During the headaches, she could not sleep, "I would sit and stay awake until daylight occurred."

On the second day of attending the nine-day classes, Ms. Zhou called her mother in mainland China with the following good news: "I can now sleep!"

She said now she did not have the headaches and she was able to sleep about seven hours. She seldom had dreams and she slept well.

Ms. Zhou lived in the suburbs and it would take her one and a half hours to go to the nine-day classes by public bus. She said that no matter how heavily the snow fell, she did not miss even a single day.

Now, Ms. Zhou practices the exercises every day. She can easily cross both of her legs when doing the sitting meditation. She said that sometimes she would come to Ms. Song's house to study the Fa. She said that, "Staying with fellow practitioners is just like staying with family members. I feel very comfortable and safe."

Since learning Falun Gong, Ms. Zhou has become more peaceful in her everyday life and work. She said "Now I take many things very lightly." "For example when my colleagues gossip about how others are right or wrong, I don't join in. This is no longer important to me." She found that she no longer cared about other peoples' faults and that she liked to help others more.

Ms. Zhou holds that the key part of cultivation is to cultivate Xinxing through the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. After cultivating for half a year, she felt a big change occurred in her."I now know what I am to do, so I do not care about trivial things like before."