(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in 1997. During this Internet experience sharing conference I would like to talk about my personal experience of talking to people face to face about Falun Gong.

While clarifying the truth over the years, I met all kinds of people. Some who heard the facts about Falun Gong were extremely grateful and expressed their thanks. Some verbally abused me. Some even threatened to beat me up. Some threatened that they would report me to the police. Some said that if I gave them money, they would renounce their Chinese Communist Party (CCP) membership. When we talk with various people, I feel that their reactions are a reflection of our attachments, and this is directly tied to whether we maintain righteous thoughts while speaking with them.

Studying the Fa Well is the Guarantee to Clarifying the Truth Well

Once while urging a lady to renounce her Party membership, I talked with her for a long time. She said, “I have been a member of all the Party's organizations but I won't renounce my membership. However, I pity Falun Gong.” I felt so sad. In my heart I thought, “I am offering you the grandest opportunity for salvation, how can you pity me?” However, I know that as a practitioner, every incident is an opportunity to look inwards. I examined myself to see if I had not clarified the truth clearly or if I had an attachment to getting a larger number of people to renounce their Party membership and thus whether my fundamental basis was not pure or righteous.

When I returned home, I studied the Fa, and I also sent righteous thoughts. Dafa disciples are sentient beings' hope of being saved. Later I met this lady again. I told her what Falun Gong is, why she needed to renounce her CCP membership and why the evil party persecutes Falun Gong. After listening to me, she said, “This time I understand. Help me to renounce my membership in all the CCP's affiliated organizations. You Falun Gong are really good people.” As she spoke, I could see tears in her eyes.

Cooperating with Practitioners to Clarify the Truth

While doing truth clarification, I noticed how good it was to cooperate with another practitioner and work as a team. One person would talk about Falun Gong while the other sent righteous thoughts. If the first practitioner was not comprehensive enough, the other one could fill in the gaps. Most of the time, the person we were trying to save was willing to renounce his or her Party membership.

Once, two practitioners were urging a woman to renounce her Party membership, however, she was not receptive. So I stood on the side and quietly sent righteous thoughts. I wanted to eradicate the evil elements that were interfering with her understanding the facts. The practitioners explained a great deal to her but she still was unwilling to renounce her membership. A few minutes after the two practitioners left, I went up to her and asked, “Those two people were trying to get you to renounce your CCP membership?” She said yes and told me that she was irritated. I said, “They told you that Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good because remembering these good words are the best thing to keep one safe from tribulations and disasters. Too many people only care about themselves and cheat others out of money and their possessions. Why would anyone who is trying to help you and tell you how to ensure your safety upset you?” I spoke calmly and rationally in a peaceful manner and chatted a long time with her. I also gave her a Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD. She immediately said, “I want to renounce my Party membership! In my youth I joined the Young Pioneers.” She also thanked me profusely. I know this was because the other two practitioners had laid the foundation.

Using Our Wisdom to Clarify the Truth

Once I went to a certain organization to distribute Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Because the office windows were tinted, we could not see from the outside if anyone was inside, thus we put the booklet on the windowsill. Just as I turned to leave, the window opened and an officer shouted at us, “Hey, what are you up to? Are you Falun Gong practitioners?” The practitioner beside me said we should make a run for it. I was very calm. I thought to myself, “We came here to save people. Since we were seen distributing materials, then it must be arranged by Master for us to speak to this officer. While sending righteous thoughts, I smiled and walked towards the window, “I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I did not know that there was someone in the office. If I had known that you were inside the office, I would have come inside and delivered the booklet directly to you. This book contains historical facts revealing the true nature of the CCP. You should read it thoroughly, and I guarantee you that you will benefit greatly.” He saw that I was calm and smiling and he relaxed. He said, “You can go.” In this way we made a narrow escape from a potentially dangerous situation.

We need to display the demeanor of a Falun Gong practitioner in an aboveboard manner. I use the noble image of Dafa practitioner to validate Dafa. When we are faced with different people in different situations, use righteous thoughts and the most effective means to open up sentient being's hearts. From the Fa, I understand that the power of compassion is the greatest. It really is Master and Dafa absolving the tribulation and saving sentient beings.

People with Predestined Relationships

When I started to clarify the truth and urge people to quit the Party, I always thought of my son's kindergarten teachers. The two of them, husband and wife, were both Party members. I wanted to persuade them to quit the Party. One day I met them on a bus. I told them about the wonderfulness of Dafa and about quitting the Party. After understanding the facts, both of them quit the Party. The husband was full of gratitude and thanks. I was so touched that I had tears in my eyes. From the depths of my heart, I would like to thank Master for His painstaking and compassionate arrangements. He arranged for someone whom I had not seen in the past twenty years to meet with me, just so he could hear the truth.

When we clarify the truth and people do not want to quit, we should not panic. This gives us an opportunity to look inward, and also helps us increase our patience and capacity for forbearance.

During the process of urging others to quit the Party, I met many people who have seen the true nature of the evil Party. They have expressed their disgust and are all willing to renounce their membership. Some thank me profusely and exclaim, “Falun Dafa is good!” Some even want to pay me for the Shen Yun DVD. Some wave goodbye to me with tears in their eyes.

The process of clarifying the truth is also a process of cultivating our hearts and increasing our heart capacity. Let us remember Master’s teaching in “Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles”: “Be sure not to become lax. You must not slack off, and you must not become apathetic.”

Please point out anything inappropriate. Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners.