Watch Out for Breeding Demons in One's Own Mind

I found some time to read the first half of articles that the Minghui website sent me. The articles are written fairly well, and even though the understandings are limited, with some understandings of the Fa principles and the structure of the cosmos being inaccurate and the tone being rather grandiose, the starting points are good, and they may be published batch by batch.

With regard to the pen names used for the articles and the way in which some local contacts pushed for the articles to be published, their tone was really not right—saying things such as that some articles have surpassed the Nine Commentaries, some have reached a state of Enlightenment, or things such as [that certain articles are] going to lead the world’s Dafa disciples to new heights and beyond, or how their writing was strengthened by gods. I would like to point out here with all due seriousness: don’t let your human attachments become overly inflated and get out of hand just because you’ve done something or other. The only one who can guide Dafa disciples’ progress is Master.

Luckily, the articles are nonetheless rational—just ask them not to be so grandiose in their tone in the articles, for they are people that are cultivating, after all. Otherwise, even if they are doing good things, gods will still look down on them.

Li Hongzhi
December 8, 2011