(Clearwisdom.net) I felt at a loss when I first realized that the evil Jiang Zemin showed up in public again. How could the old forces allow this corpse, which should have been disintegrated a long time ago, to reappear? This must be due to problems within the whole body of practitioners. Where were the problems then?

With that question in mind, I read this week’s Minghui Weekly. There were three articles which shared views on the situation of Jiang’s corpse coming to life. After reading the articles, I suddenly understood and knew where the problem was. I also identified my own shortcomings. I had problems with the authors'/practitioners' discussions. When I heard the news that Jiang had died, I was happy. After an article on the Clearwisdom website suggested that people “Buy fireworks, and set off fireworks,” I used ordinary human thoughts to evaluate the event. I clung to my previous thought and understanding of the suggestion on Clearwisdom. I didn't send righteous thoughts immediately to eliminate the evil behind Jiang. I didn't know that setting off fireworks was meant to explode evil beings, nor did I know that the progress of Fa rectification depended on Dafa practitioners’ righteous thoughts and actions. Since I was attached to my own understanding, and hadn't kept up with the Fa rectification process, I hadn't really assisted Master in Fa rectification.

Reflecting on my cultivation over the years, I saw that I always passively followed, or even negatively “waited” for Fa rectification to make progress whenever there was a new major event. I waited for Master to provide us with a new situation. I didn't realize that all changes in this world depend on practitioners’ righteous thoughts and actions. I remembered what Master said about the Beijing 2008 Olympics:

“Ordinary people can say whatever they wish. Well, the Olympics are a few years away, so it's questionable whether the wicked Party will make it that long. And whether or not it will be given a chance to shine is not up to humans. Human society wasn't created for it. What's there to shine, anyway?” (“Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005”)

I studied this paragraph of Master's Fa and just “waited” for a result. I was quite disappointed when nothing happened. Thinking about it, practitioners are the main body assisting Master in Fa rectification. If we don't take our responsibilities actively and push Fa rectification for change, who else will do that? Are we waiting for Master to do this? Master has already given us all the capabilities we need and wants us to succeed. Yet, we stubbornly cling to our own thoughts. We did not look at the problem from the perspective of the Fa, or carry out our missions from a higher perspective. Some practitioners pointed out in an experience sharing article, “The only thing we know is that we should do the three things, must do the three things, and do the three things as our own actual work.”

“Assisting Master to rectify the Fa” is the most sacred mission in the universe. Examining our own consciences, did we accomplish that? I did not. I didn't take the responsibility of assisting Master in Fa rectification. My own thoughts hampered me from understanding the changes occurring in Fa rectification.

Master mentioned:

“You know what I’m thinking? I am preparing for Shen Yun to perform in mainland China. (Enthusiastic applause) I’m not just thinking out loud. The evil may think it’s powerful, but let’s see what history has in store. (Master laughs) It’s not up to them.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”)

I have wondered about this paragraph of the Fa: What changes must occur in mainland China in order for Shen Yun Performing Arts to go there? I waited, and had expectations like a non-practitioner. I now have a new understanding of what Master was telling us-- that the situation within Fa rectification would have to change. Believing Master’s words, and as His disciple, I shouldn't wait for or depend on others. I should instead actively follow Master’s words, and use righteous thoughts and actions to follow His teachings. That would then be a Dafa practitioner truly assisting Master in Fa rectification.

These are my personal understandings, I welcome all comments.