(Clearwisdom.net) I am from Yingkou, Liaoning Province, and am 46 yeas old. This past June, I had an anal surgery in the Yingkou Hospital. After the biopsy analysis, I was diagnosed with anal canal cancer. I went to Shenyang Medical College to get a second opinion and got the same answer.

I was treated at Shenyang Medical College. A doctor told me that the best way to treat my condition would be to have a surgical removal and to insert a tube. When I asked whether there were alternatives, he said there was always chemotherapy and radiation but they were not effective and that I should think about it.

My family wanted me to have the surgical removal. I noticed a patient in the next bed, and his family had to remove his feces from a bloody hole in his abdomen. I realized what was going to happen to me and panicked. I had to choose either to have the surgery and end up with no quality of life or to have chemotherapy, which probably would not work. Right then and there, I wished I was dead. My sister held me and cried uncontrollably. In the end, I chose to have chemo and radiation therapy.

The level of transaminase enzymes in my body was over 80 (normally it is around 40-50). The doctors gave me the best medicine, but the level of the transaminase increased to 90. The physicians continued to have meetings and increased my medications. Yet, the level of the transaminase skyrocketed to 180 and eventually reached 290. Finally, the doctors told my family to take me home. We knew that my 50 days in the hospital had been a waste of time and money. I had made a bad choice and would have to live with it.

We left Shenyang and went home. I started to take care of things and prepare for my death. I looked at my child and my husband, and I really did not want to die.

I cried all day, everyday. I was weak and my husband had to carry me around. I thought I would be better off dead than alive.

One day, my husband noticed a lump on my neck and took me to Shenyang Medical College for an exam. I knew my cancer had spread. A doctor removed it anyway. The level of my transaminase was still high and I could not receive chemotherapy. After two weeks, on September 29, 2011, I went home. I knew I was at the end of my life.

I was very weak from the radiation therapy and was also often thirsty. I could not speak or swallow and had to live on intravenous fluids.

On October 3, I went to my parents' home and soon left to go to my aunt's home. A Falun Gong practitioner there told me the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong. He also told me how all his illnesses had disappeared because of his practice. In the end, he said with sincerity, “No one can heal you. Falun Dafa is your only option.”

As I listened to him, I did not feel sick and believed that Falun Dafa could change my fate. I decided to to recite "Falun Dafa is good, Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is good." I also was determined to practice Falun Dafa. Something unbelievable happened: I was able to get up by myself and walk when I left my aunt's house.

That same day, I found a copy of Zhuan Falun and, with the help of several practitioners, I read the book and learned the exercises. Within four days, I became perfectly healthy.

Seeing that I was healed, my family and friends were amazed. They were in tears and told me that they were very happy for me. My husband was very excited and he was able to get back to work and did not have to do chores at home anymore. My friends and other family members began to read Zhuan Falun and asked me for the Falun Dafa amulets(1). Witnessing the miracle that happened to me, they believed that Falun Dafa is good and wanted to learn it as well.

I thank Teacher and practitioners. I thank everyone who cared about me.

(1) Amulets In China, practitioners sometimes clarify the truth by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.