(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher has told us that many Dafa practitioners signed contracts with Teacher before coming to earth. Through studying the Fa, many Dafa practitioners are aware that on our cultivation path, and while assisting with Fa rectification, Teacher gave each of us certain responsibilities based on our oaths, along with abilities and the appropriate conditions. In other words, whatever we have, such as wealth, skills, expertise, knowledge, and our professional and family environments, are directly related to our oaths with Teacher and Dafa. Teacher and Dafa bestowed these upon us.

Teacher's has given us the abilities and proper conditions which guarantee that we are able to live and survive in human society. They also provide the ability to assist Teacher with Fa rectification and to save sentient beings while achieving more and attaining a high fruit status. Teacher said,

“Make your own contributions based on your individual abilities and specific talents in different areas.” ("Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference")

With Fa-rectification so near at hand, we must understand that when we signed the agreement with Teacher, we were willing, from our hearts, to help without Teacher pushing us. Teacher didn't force us to save sentient beings in human society. For 19 years Teacher has been compassionately explaining and telling us about the Fa to help us understand and do what we promised to do.

There are some practitioners who still think that what they have in human society is the result of their hard work and struggles, and that what they have belongs to them. Although some practitioners may say that what they have was bestowed by Teacher, when it comes to practical problems, they forget and are even controlled by the fake reality of everyday society. They forget about their responsibilities and even feel like they have made a lot of sacrifices.

Although they have participated in Fa rectification work, they may not have realized how great and sacred it is, and may feel that it is mundane, and not much different from everyday people's work. If we think that we own our wealth, knowledge, technology, and abilities, and earned them from human society without acknowledging that they originate from the Fa, we are at the level of human beings and haven't acknowledged that they are Dafa resources. If we don't place Dafa in the number one position, and still have everyday people's thoughts foremost in our minds, use ordinary people's measures when doing things, and utilize Dafa resources as we do everyday people's things, will we feel the sacredness and greatness of Dafa?

If there was no Fa rectification, humans would cease to exist. We then wouldn't be Dafa disciples or have any of the things in this world. Today, from Dafa disciples to the world's people, isn't everything given by Teacher and Dafa? Everyday people in the maze don't understand this, but Dafa disciples should not be confused. Please don't forget that our responsibility is to assist Teacher with the Fa rectification and to save sentient beings.

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