(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Jin Zhaoyu, and I live in northern Finland. In 2008, my mother Chen Zhenping was sentenced to eight years in prison for practicing Falun Gong. She was sentenced by Jinshui District Court in Zhengzhou, Henan Province and she is currently incarcerated at Xinxiang Women's Prison in Henan. I have been appealing for my mother’s release and as a result, the Chinese government has been harassing me relentlessly. Chinese spies recently contacted one of my friends here in Finland. She was absolutely terrified. I want to let everyone know about this, hoping that people will extend a helping hand.

One day in September of this year, I learned by chance that a friend of mine had been visited by a man and a woman who claimed to be spies for the Chinese government. They told her that she should not be friends with me anymore; that if she didn't quit hanging around with me, she would be in danger when she went back to China. The man threatened her, saying that he was working for the Chinese embassy while studying abroad. He said that his job was to keep track of all the Chinese near him, including dissenters, Falun Gong practitioners, and others that the Chinese government does not like. He said that he regularly reported to the Chinese embassy. He also told my friend, “Do not think that you will be safe if you keep in contact with her. The embassy has eyes all over; spies are everywhere. You will never know who is who. We know everything about you, so it is not a good idea for you to keep in contact with her.” The two spies talked with my friend for several hours, and she was absolutely terrified.

I have not received any information about my mother for two years now. In China, the government seized my mother’s apartment, my apartment, and our personal property for no reason other than the fact that we practice Falun Gong. My relatives, friends, and business partners were threatened and their homes were illegally searched and ransacked. This is happening because I practice Falun Gong. I live in Finland, a free country. I have been exposing the persecution of my family to the public and the local media. I hope that the Chinese government will release my mother and all other Falun Gong practitioners unconditionally, so that I can be reunited with my kind and innocent mother and sister.

Please think about the significance of this spying. The Chinese State Security, the 610 Office, and Chinese spies have assassinated, kidnapped, and harassed Chinese citizens overseas. They manipulate Chinese people to spy on other Chinese. But none of this is news, as it happens all the time. I hope that fellow Chinese will think about how to leave themselves a way out as the Chinese communist party reaches its end. How long can the evil run rampant? I am Chinese. My blood is Chinese. I hope with all my heart that our country, our nation, will get rid of the evil party so that tens of thousands of Chinese like my mother will be able to enjoy freedom soon.

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