(Clearwisdom.net) I have studied Master’s articles recently and I’d like to share my shallow understandings of “Righteous Enlightenment.”

One day, I ran into a fellow practitioner and we exchanged understandings with each other. I told the practitioner that there was a common phenomenon at my practice site, which is that whenever a conflict arose or sickness karma befell practitioners, they could not understand how to follow the xinxing standard of Dafa to cultivate and improve. They usually bring their issues to our practice site and seek help from those who are considered to have a better understanding of the Fa. Thus they could find their own problems when returning to their own cultivation environment to cultivate themselves. The fellow practitioner let me finish and then asked, “Why didn’t you study the Fa when the problems arose?” I wasn’t very happy upon hearing this, because I thought practice sites were the special environment that Master left for us, so what’s wrong with using that environment to seek help from others?

When I returned home with his question in my head, I calmed down and read Master’s articles -”What is a Dafa Disciple” and “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa”. I understood that my thoughts on the issue did not conform to the Fa principles. I shared my understandings with fellow practitioners at our practice site, and they all looked inside. We came to understand that Master was using that practitioner’s mouth to tell us of problems that existed in our Fa-study: some practitioners lacked sufficient time for Fa-study because they were involved in many things; some had busy work schedules, and some did not study the Fa due to slacking-off. All of this contributed to our situation: without the guidance of the Fa due to lack of Fa-study, when problems arose, some of us would fail to look inside, but instead try to find shortcuts and get problems resolved by consulting other practitioners.

I have learned from this incident that we must look inside whenever anything happens around us and regard everything with Master’s righteous Fa principles. This is the form of cultivation practice that Master has given us to improve our xinxing and remove our attachments. When we run into tribulations or unpleasant things, we should look at them positively, and understand that they are opportunities provided for us to practice cultivation and raise our levels. Our true selves are buried in the inverted principles of the Three Realms. To return to our true original nature, we must practice cultivation and cleanse ourselves by pouring out the bad thoughts. Gods have created the environment of the Three Realms for cultivation practice; however the principles here are inverted. The great law that Master has given us as a guide for cultivation practice is righteous. Then regardless of whether we encounter good or bad things in our cultivation practice, we must look inside. Master has given us the best, guiding us to look inward. This is the magic tool which allows us to quickly improve. In my understanding, this is the enlightenment of Dafa, in other words, this is righteous enlightenment.

This is my shallow understanding at my current level. Please point out anything improper.