(Clearwisdom.net) In July 1999, when the persecution had just started, many practitioners were attached to time. Some people burned their diplomas and the deeds to their property. They went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, and vowed not to return until the Fa-rectification was over. Of course, this reflected their firm belief in the Fa; however, the attachment to time was also evident. After many years of cultivation, some practitioners have matured and are no longer attached to time. However, some have not completely relinquished this attachment from their subconscious.

Once during a sharing, a practitioner said to me: “Master said in “Touring North America to Teach the Fa:”

“Let me ask you, if it would take another ten years to save all sentient beings, would you still do it? (The students reply together, "Yes!") (Applause) That's how a Dafa disciple should be. (Applause) Of course, there won't be another ten years. It's not allowed to take that long, and they don't have that much time left in their lives.”

The fellow practitioner then said, “Master said that there would not be another ten years.” This meant that the Fa-rectification was going to end before March 2012. Therefore, he confidently told people that the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would disintegrate before March 2012.

I experienced a similar situation. When I would clarify the truth, I would tell people that the disintegration of the CCP was heaven's mandate. Then they would say: “The CCP is at its peak. Maybe it can sustain itself for a few hundred years.” I would reply: “The evil CCP has committed a lot of crimes. It has persecuted believers of a righteous faith and killed countless people. Heaven will disintegrate it. It absolutely won't last that long.” Then, people asked me how long it would be. I replied: “Probably no more than five years.” Five years went by, and the CCP was still in existence. Then they said: “You said it wouldn't last over five years, but it is still here.” I was speechless. I learned a hard lesson. My irrationality and attachment to time created obstacles for saving sentient beings.

Everything in the Fa-rectification occurs according to the needs of the Fa-rectification. I didn't understand the meaning this Fa taught by Master. Instead, I understood Master's Fa through my attachment to time, and took Masters words literally. How could I ever learn the Fa principles through my attachments? When the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was just published, Master said:

“In order to prevent misunderstandings by those who have lost their way in the Party's culture, I told Dafa disciples in Mainland China not to incorporate the Nine Commentaries as they clarify the truth.” (“We Are Not 'Getting Political'”)

But as the situation changed, Master also said:

“And so, to have the world's people be aware of that vile party's nature and why it has persecuted Dafa disciples, it has become necessary for people to learn about the Nine Commentaries.” (“We Are Not 'Getting Political'”)

The Fa taught by Master cannot be used to excuse our attachments. Master did say that saving sentient beings wouldn't last another ten years:

“Of course, there won't be another ten years.”(“Touring North America to Teach the Fa”)

From my understanding, there is a precondition: Dafa disciples must meet the standard in cultivation and save those who were predestined to be saved. From the current situation, I think the number of sentient beings that have been saved is far from the level of Master's requirement. If the Fa-rectification were to end today, how many high-level beings that put endless hope in Fa-rectification would have to be eliminated?

Each and every day is an extension of time based on Master's sacrifices. Any of our attachments may be obstacles to saving sentient beings. Every unrighteous thought of a Dafa disciple could have a tremendous impact on the human world and may be taken advantage of by the evil to persecute sentient beings and interfere with their salvation. We cannot use Master's Fa given at different times or under specific circumstances as justification for our attachments.

Diligent Dafa disciples have been seizing the day through Fa study while saving sentient beings. The end of Fa-rectification doesn't enter their minds. In addition, everything in cultivation carries a xinxing test. Many practitioners are attached to confirming Jiang's death on TV. As a result, Jiang became the old evil forces' puppet to test practitioners and block salvation of sentient beings once again. Now some practitioners are attached to the year 2012. Perhaps 2012 will become a test. The interference and difficulties practitioners' invite will only become blocks to their own cultivation and their effort to save sentient beings.

Only by enlightening on the Fa and acting completely according to Master's requirements, can we walk our own path well and fulfill our historic mission.