(Clearwisdom.net) Sansheng Temple is located in a remote area of Fenglechang, Guihua Town, Pengzhou City in Sichuan Province. Officials from the Pengzhou 610 Office and Domestic Security Division set up a brainwashing center at Sansheng Temple in 2010 to persecute practitioners.

Practitioners are forced to watch videos slandering Falun Gong and its teacher, and are physically and mentally tortured in various ways. To avoid others seeing or hearing the beatings, all of the windows, doors, and curtains are closed, and the volume of the TV is turned up to its maximum. Assistants are also used to persecute practitioners at the brainwashing center. They are usually friends or relatives of people working there, and are rewarded with financial incentives.

Many practitioners have been held in the brainwashing center, including Mr. Li Yongxian, Ms. Qing Guangrong, Mr. Zhang Guofang, Ms. Zhang Zhifen, Mr. Lu Sanfu, Mr. Zheng Weigang, Mr. Liu Shunguo, Mr. Zhou Yusong, Ms. Dan Shunmin, Mr. Zhao Yun, and Mr. Zhang Youyi (also known as Mr. Zhang Yixiang). Each practitioner is isolated in solitary confinement and monitored by two people around the clock. All eating, drinking, and use of the bathroom are done in the cell.

Mr. Zheng Weigang, Mr. Zhang Guofang, Ms. Zhang Zhifen, Mr. Liu Shunguo, and Mr. Zhou Yusong were arrested by officers from Mengyang Police Station. Liu Zhengfang, head of the Menyang 610 Office, personally transported the practitioners from Mengyang to the brainwashing center. The female practitioners are being monitored by locally-hired female guards, while the male practitioners are monitored by 14 officers sent by Mengyang Township.

After the arrests, Liu and Mengyang's chief officer Li went to a nearby restaurant for a feast to celebrate. Li was later placed on assignment at the brainwashing center for one month. Before leaving the center he conspired with Qian Ying to abuse Mr. Zheng Weigang, and said, “I will give Zheng a big lesson before I leave. Don't allow him to get up off the bed.” Qian then added, “Let's make him urinate and defecate on the bed. If he doesn't cooperate, I'll set him straight with the electric baton.”

Chang Ping, head of Pengzhou 610 Office, along with party secretary Chen Wanping and deputy head Fan Zejun, ordered officer Qiao Lijun to go to Ms. Qing Guangrong's cell on April 30, 2011. Qiao instructed assistant Qian Ying to turn the volume of the TV to its maximum. Qiao then left the room, covering her ears and swearing at Ms. Qing. When Ms. Qing tried to turn down the volume, she was beaten by Qiao, officer Tang Lu from Mengyang, assistants Guo Xinghui and Qian Ying, and the former Party secretary of Sansheng Village Wan Wenxue, who has been persecuting practitioners in the center since 2010.

While Wan slapped Ms. Qing in the face, she said brazenly, “No one is beating you. Who is your witness?” Qiao beat Ms. Qing's face and head with a shoe. When she got tired, she started to pull hard on the skin of Ms. Qing's face, hands and neck. Tang then smashed Ms. Qing's head against the wall. They all took turns beating her until she lost consciousness.

When Ms. Qing went on a hunger strike once to protest the abuse, Chang Ping ordered Wang Liju to pry open her mouth with an implement so that they could force-feed her. Chen Wanping was also there and said, “I am a barbarian. I only want to beat people.” Chen is known to have frequently beaten practitioners. He and other guards also threaten to send practitioners to forced labor camps if they refuse to renounce their beliefs.

Officers from the Public Order Joint Defense Team are called into the brainwashing center to beat practitioners when they try to resist the persecution. Members of the team are officers from local township governments. Officers Ou, Zhuang and Tang Lu once swore at Ms. Li Yongxian and severely beat her. Chang Ping ordered the guards to keep a close eye on her, as she had previously escaped after being on a hunger strike for eight months. Ms. Li was guarded day and night by two male officers.

Mr. Zhang Guofang is an elderly gentleman, who is monitored by guard Zeng. Zeng once forced Mr. Zhang to put his wet clothing in his bed and dry them with his own body. Zeng often beats and swears at Mr. Zhang, and brags about it to the other guards.

Ms. Zhou Yuqin is an older lady. Assistant Ma Longqiu shouts at her constantly, saying, “We arrest those exactly like you, the ones who practice Falun Gong.”

Ms. Tan Shunmin and Mr. Zhang Youyi from Lichun Town were arrested in July 2011, and were taken to the brainwashing center. Officer Liao from Lichun said that he beat her in the car because he didn't want to listen to her words.

Mr. Zhao Yun was beaten and abused by Chang Ping, Chen Wanping, Fan Zejun, and Wan Wenxue, just before he was released. He is now in critical condition.

Yuan Erge and Yin Wujie, who are cooks at the brainwashing center, actively persecute practitioners there.

Those involved in the persecution:
Yin Wujie, cook at Sansheng Temple Brainwashing Center: +86-13688136964 (Cell)
Guo Xinghui, assistant at Sansheng Temple Brainwashing Center: +86-13408566989 (Cell)
Qian Ying, assistant at Sansheng Temple Brainwashing Center: +86-18780731721 (Cell)
Xiang Qingfeng, assistant at Sansheng Temple Brainwashing Center: +86-18666691932 (Cell)
Wu Junying, assistant at Sansheng Temple Brainwashing Center: +86-13697013550 (Cell)