(Clearwisdom.net) Qingmei is a woman in her thirties who has suffered through numerous hard times. She was found to have congenital heart disease at birth and required medication throughout her childhood years. She was advised to avoid pregnancy, as that could prove to be life threatening for someone with this health condition. Qingmei's parents were concerned when she married and delivered a baby boy. She developed kidney stone disease following childbirth and was quite ill. Her husband did not attend to her and often went out on the town and gambled. Later, he abetted others in stealing phone line wires and hid them from the police in their house. When the police searched the home the husband escaped, but his wife stayed at home and did not know anything about what had occurred. The police arrested her and she was jailed among Falun Dafa practitioners who were being persecuted by the communist regime. She could not eat or sleep well in jail and cried often to complain about her sad fortune.

The Falun Dafa practitioners imprisoned with Qingmei clarified the truth to her and told her that Dafa could help her. She believed it. She said, “Please, teach me how to practice Falun Dafa.” She studied the Falun Dafa books and learned how to practice the five exercises. When she was in jail, Qingmei read the Dafa books and writings out loud and openly practiced the exercises. The guard objected to her practice. She then explained to him that if her husband had only cultivated such a great Dafa, he surely would not have stolen anything and she would not be detained here! She said, “I have congenital heart disease and kidney problems. If you do not allow me to practice Falun Dafa I will probably end up dying right in front of you.” The guard then no longer interfered with her cultivation practice.

One night, Qingmei dreamed that a doctor in white, around 50 years old, did surgery on her. She felt quite cold and as if she did not have any blood. Her kidney stones were removed during the surgery and then her heart disease was cured. She witnessed all of this quite clearly and remembered it very well. She suddenly awoke and realized it was a dream. She felt a little scared and told her dream to the other Falun Dafa practitioners in the jail. One of the practitioners told her it was actually Teacher purifying her body and curing her illness. She firmly believed in Dafa.

Six months later, Qingmei returned home, but she did not hear any news about her husband. She found out some time later that he had married another woman. Qingmei also remarried and had another child. The baby had excessive amounts of body hair which startled people and the doctors had no idea how to get rid of the body hair. However, Qingmei knew she was a Falun Dafa practitioner and so she asked Teacher for help with her baby's problem. The miraculous result was that all of her baby's body hair was gone in three days! Qingmei's family members were so happy and remarked on the “magic of Falun Dafa” and witnessed Teacher's mighty virtue.