(Clearwisdom.net) The Suihua Forced Labor camp has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in many different ways, and there are about 15 practitioners who are currently being detained. Guard Fan Xiaodong, along with other guards beat practitioners at will, and use torture methods including putting cigarette butts into practitioner' nostrils, hanging them up with handcuffs, etc.

Guard Fan Xiaodong Severely Beat Practitioners

Fan Xiaodong is the instructor at the Suihua Forced Labor camp. He has abused almost every practitioner since he came to the ward two years ago. Several times he announced publicly to the inmates that it is alright to beat practitioners and to take things from them. He told the inmates to closely monitor practitioners, and not let them talk to each other or give each other food and other items. He often drives a wedge between the practitioners and the inmates. He has inmates following his orders by offering incentives, such as term reduction and extra credits.

Fan is an alcoholic. He drinks even while on duty. After drinking, he would call together all the practitioners and give them a lecture. He would swear at them if things weren't to his liking. On August 28, 2011 while he was on duty, he went out at lunch time and drank. He called together all practitioners in the afternoon and gave them a lecture. During the lecture, he accused practitioner Mr. Hao Zhendong of giving him a harsh look. He then slapped Mr. Hao in the face several times and beat him to the ground. Two guards pulled him away but he continued swearing at Mr. Hao.

The Guards Abused Practitioners Who Were Transferred from the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp

On August 26, 2010, the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp where Falun Gong practitioners were abused was terminated. Several practitioners were initially transferred to the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. About ten days later, they were transferred to the Suihua Forced Labor Camp.

Guard Lian Xing, deputy head of the ward, led other guards to beat those practitioners on the day they arrived at the labor camp. Practitioners Mr. Huang Guang, Mr. Guan Wenlong, Mr. Liu Jingzhou, Mr. Wang Haijiang, Mr. Fu Shuangyin and Mr. Wu Changgui were abused to various degrees. Mr. Wang, Mr. Guan and Mr. Liu had injuries on their legs and could not walk normally for a month. After the abuse, Mr. Wu's high blood pressure reached 180 and he had difficulty walking.

Torture re-enactment: Brutal beating

After the beatings, guard Lian Xing, Tian Zhizheng and several other guards handcuffed Mr. Liu Jingzhou's hands to the upper level head of a bunk bed. Mr. Liu's whole body was upright with his feet barely touching the ground. Guard Tian Zhizheng put a lit cigarette into Mr. Liu's nose. The smoke caused Mr. Liu to cough continuously and made it hard for him to breathe. Tian then kicked Mr. Liu's buttocks, causing Mr. Liu to lift his feet and the handcuffs cut into his flesh. His wrists turned black and blue and it took a long time to heal.