(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Guo Yunlan was handed a written notice from Danggang City Court of Liaoning Province on September 20, 2011, informing her that she would be tried after October 1.

The Donggang Domestic Security Division, Changshan Town Police Station, and Donggang Procuratorate plotted together to charge her. Ms. Guo was forced to sign and put her fingerprint on a blank sheet of paper on August 12; the paper was used to forge evidence against her. Qu Hongling from the Donggang Procurator's court brought the suit against Ms. Guo on August 16.

1. Evidence against Ms. Guo Yunlan forged using a signature on a blank sheet of paper

Ms. Guo Yunlan went to Changshan Town, Donggang City, to visit her relatives on the morning of September 12, 2010. She was arrested on her way back home by officers from Changshan Town Police Station. Her home was searched and Falun Gong books and materials were confiscated. She was sent to Dandong Detention Center after being interrogated by Wang Runlong, head of Donggang Domestic Security Division. A month later, Wang Runlong reported her case to Donggang Procuratorate with the cooperation of Changshan Town Police Station, including Wu Dalong, head of the police station; Liu Mingtao, Party head; and deputy head Sun Hongbao.

At the beginning of November 2010, Qu Hongling from Donggang Procuratorate, Wang Runlong, and Wu Dalong brought a suit against Ms. Guo while she was detained in Dandong Detention Center. Due to the abuse, she suffered a massive hemorrhage on November 19 and spent 24 hours in a hospital emergency room. The officials in the detention center were afraid they would be held responsible for her possible death and refused to keep her in detention any longer. She was allowed to be bailed out and await trial at home.

Ms. Guo didn't show up in court after being sent two trial notices at the end of December 2010. She was immediately put on the wanted list. In June 2011, two officers from Dandong City Domestic Security Division broke into her home to arrest her. Ms. Guo lost consciousness when they appeared. She and her husband, Yu Jun, were taken to the domestic security division. The police wanted to force her to sign on the documents they had prepared, but Ms. Guo was confused, so they turned to her husband, Yu Jun, and forced him to sign them. Wishing to save his wife from further persecution, he signed, but he had no idea what was in the documents. The couple were then released.

On August 12, 2011, officer Liang Chuanwei from Changshan Town Police Station went to Ms. Guo's home and ordered her to go to Donggang Procuratorate. She was told to sign her name and put her fingerprint on a blank piece of paper. Under pressure, she did. After getting her signature and fingerprint, the signed paper was used to falsify evidence against her and she was charged on August 16.

The couple was called to go to Donggang Procuratorate on September 20. They were told to sign again and were informed there would be a trial after October 1. Mr. Yu Jun came home and read the indictment carefully. He realized he had been deceived and used. In the indictment, he was named as providing the initial evidence and giving his signature as proof. Both he and their daughter, Yu Fengyun, were named as witnesses.

2. In 2007 Ms. Yang Guoying was sentenced to forced labor based on her signature on a blank sheet of paper

Wang Runlong, head of Donggang Domestic Security Division, routinely uses Falun Gong practitioners' signatures on blank paper to frame them. Four years ago, Wang Rundong framed Ms. Yang Guoying after forcing her to put her signature on a blank piece of paper. As a result, Ms. Yang spent one year in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Yang was illegally arrested on March 3, 2007 by officer Xu Cun from Helong Town Police Station when she clarified the truth of Falun Gong in a farmer's market in Helong Town. She was subjected to a brutal interrogation in the police station and her home was ransacked. She was later detained in Donggang Detention Center.

On March 20, 2007, Wang Runlong and other officers from Helong Town Police Station went to Donggang Detention Center. First they tried to force Ms. Yang to sign the prepared statement declaring that she would give up practicing Falun Gong. Ms. Yang refused. Then Wang Runlong took out a blank piece of paper. He grabbed Ms. Yang's hand, pressed her fingerprint on the paper, and then signed her name. Using the signature, he forged evidence against her. One week later, she was sentenced to one year of forced labor and sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Yang suffered a great deal in the forced labor camp. She continued to be harassed after her release. She died in the spring of 2011 at the age of 54.