(Clearwisdom.net) Heilongjiang Province Police Department officials instigated officers from the Acheng District Police Department, Domestic Security Division, and 610 Office in Harbin City to arrest Mr. Zhang Baosheng, a teacher from Heilongjiang Province Construction Institute, Mr. Zhao Yuan from the Xindazhong Computer Company and his wife Li Xuelian, Han Bing, director of a daycare center, Ms. Cheng Baoying, an employee at a normal school, and taxi drivers Mr. Wang Weidong and Mr. Wang Jinyu. These seven people are all practitioners of Falun Gong. This is a significant criminal act planned by the Heilongjiang Province Police Department.

Cheng Baoying's son was married in May of 2011. Several people, including Zhao Yuan from the wedding service company, were asked to be the wedding hosts. On July 10, 2011, someone from Shuangcheng City hired this company as their wedding host. Due to many Falun Gong practitioners being guests at the wedding drew the attention of the persecutors', and they reported it directly to the Heilongjiang Province Police Department. On July 16, another person from Shuangcheng City hired this company as their wedding host. There were spies video taping the wedding secretly, and several practitioners from Shuangcheng City were subsequently arrested. The wedding video from July 10 was confiscated.

Between July 10 and September 20, the perpetrators followed and monitored people who attended the weddings and sent videotapes to police stations in various districts, asking them to identify practitioners from their districts. After the officers watched the videos, they resisted arresting innocent people with no apparent cause; therefore, the perpetrators from the Heilongjiang Province Police Department directly ordered the police officers to arrest people. Some of the officers from local police stations weren't even aware of what was really going on.

After the arrests, the practitioners' homes were ransacked and their personal belongings were confiscated. The details of the items taken are unknown.

After these seven practitioners were arrested, the perpetrators claimed that they would continue to arrest people, using the videotapes. These seven practitioners are currently being detained at the Acheng District Second Detention Center.

Practitioner Pan Mingyue from Xinxing Township, Shuangcheng City was arrested at 9:00 a.m. on September 20, 2011 by a group of police officers including Chen Yuzhuang, head of the Xinxing Township Police Station, and Wang Yubiao, team leader of the Shuangcheng City Domestic Security Division. They detained Pan Mingyue at the Xinxing Township Police Station and then sent him to the Shuangcheng City Domestic Security Division. Later, Pan Mingyue was transferred to the Shuangcheng City Detention Center.

After this group of police officers arrested Pan Mingyue, they went to harass Ms. Han Dongmei, a practitioner from Xinxing Township, and confiscated two copies of Zhuan Falun and photos of the founder of Falun Gong.

Responsible personnel:
Sun Yongbo, head of Heilongjiang Province Police Department
Yang Ziheng, team leader of Acheng Domestic Security Division
Wang Xiaoguang, head of 610 Office
Xinxing Township Police Station in Shuangcheng City: +86-451-53227512
Chen Yuzhuang, head of the police station: +86-13936110078, +86-451-53162864 (Home), +86-13936110078 (Cell)
Xiao Jitian, team leader of Shuangcheng City Domestic Security Division: +86-451-53118809 (Office), +86-451-83208058 (Home), +86-13936238777 (Cell)
Wang Yubiao, deputy head of Shuangcheng City Domestic Security Division: +86-13836050988 (Cell)
Jin Wanzhi, head of Shuangcheng City Detention Center: +86-451-53118526 (Office), +86-135036811529 (Cell)