(Clearwisdom.net) According to Confucianism, in order to maintain social order, one needs to follow the Three Cardinal Guides (ruler guides subject, father guides son, and husband guides wife) and the Five Constant Virtues (benevolence, righteousness, propriety, knowledge, and sincerity). More specifically, the family is the cornerstone of any society. As such, harmony between husband and wife is critical to achieving social stability.

A Cozy Home

As the saying goes, “A lone yin does not grow, and a solo yang does not prosper.” In other words, yin and yang are interdependent and are both part of a dynamic system. Marriage between a woman and a man signifies the sacredness of the relationship between two complementary opposites, that is, to create new generations that allow mankind to survive and thrive.

According to traditional moral principles, a legitimate marriage calls for matchmakers’ arrangements, parents’ approval, and Heaven’s blessings. Certain formalities are required of the wedding ceremony, at which the newlyweds need to kowtow (kneel and bow so low that one’s head touches the ground to show ultimate reverence) to different entities: first to Heaven and Earth, then to their respective parents, and lastly to each other. Only when a man and a woman get married this way will their newly-established family have a solid foundation upon which to grow as a pillar of society.

The Daoist principle of the oneness between Heaven and man implies that the husband in a family is yang and the wife is yin. He is in charge of the household’s external affairs and she of the internal affairs. He works hard to support his family, and she strives to be the understanding wife and loving mother. She creates a sanctuary that, regardless of whether he is far or near, he always longs to return to. They both understand that it is a predestined relationship that brings them together, so they have a deep appreciation for each other. He is masculine, alert, and dominant, whereas she is feminine, relaxed, and obedient. Despite the differences, they know how to be tolerant and considerate of each other. Built on mutual respect, their marriage is indestructible, their home is warm and welcoming, and their life colorful and harmonious.

The Three Cardinal Guides and Five Constant Virtues are the moral standards that our ancestors passed down to us to help maintain familial and social order. These standards conform to the universe’s principles and are blessed by Gods and Buddhas. During the 5,000 years of Chinese history, those who have followed the standards have been able to build prosperous, wealthy, and virtuous families. Those who violate the standards have only seen their wealth dwindle and their families shrink. After all, Daos and demons coexist in the human world; good and evil go hand in hand. Just as the saying goes, families that practice benevolence have plenty of fortune to pass down to future generations, whereas those that do evil leave endless retributions for their offspring to face.

Moral standards, an essential part of the traditional culture bestowed by Heaven, are the basis of human civilization. As such, mankind should comply with the arrangements of nature and behave accordingly. As the anchors of society, each family should ensure its healthy growth and maintain a sustainable existence. Observing the moral standards will enable both husband and wife to keep calm amid the chaotic secular world, enjoy each other, and live a long life.

A Tomb of Unhappiness

Since it came to power more than 60 years ago, the Chinese Community Party (CCP) has been worshiping the communist specter and promoting the modern science it imports from the Western world. To tighten its control, the CCP completely abandoned the traditional ethical standards and the principle of oneness between Heaven and man (which is the foundation of advanced ancient science), and at the same time brainwashed the Chinese people with atheism. The loss of righteous belief in Gods and Buddhas eventually led to the destruction of the moral foundation upon which normal families and society grow and flourish.

The Cultural Revolution that took place from 1966 through 1976 pushed women into society and thrust them onto the political stage. These “liberated” women were told they were equal to men and were encouraged to fight political battles alongside their male counterparts. As time went by, both men and women became unwittingly neutralized. Men became less masculine and women less feminine. Women, in particular, ended up shouldering more burdens. They went outside of the family to work, yet they still were mainly responsible for taking care of housework, raising children, and caring for elderly parents. As a result of the imbalance, many families ran into conflicts and became unstable. The so-called “economic reform” that started in the late 70s further exposed the Chinese people to more warped external factors and resulted in their mindless pursuit of sexual freedom. Many families were subsequently in danger of disintegration, and the foundation of society was shaken. One calamity after another hit the land of China as a result.

As the saying goes, a person who cannot tell right from wrong will invite demons. Nowadays in China, many people do not believe that good and evil will receive due retribution, and they fall victim to the communist specter. Their moral base has all but disintegrated. These men and women who voluntarily give up their true selves and their souls are no different than walking corpses or beasts. They lower their guard and set no limits on their wanton behaviors. They are promiscuous in their pursuit of sexual freedom and stop at nothing in seeking to satisfy their insatiable hunger for material interests. They are heading toward depravity in the land of propriety.

In today’s China, one can no longer find any trace of traditional Chinese culture nor the purity derived from it. The collapse of morality and the pursuit of sexual freedom and selfish interests are the fundamental reasons that led to the Dharma-ending period. Meanwhile, modern science has provided all the conveniences for people to pursue hedonism. Many people have no reservations about using any means available to maximize their material interests and hedonistic enjoyment. In the end, science becomes the catalyst that is driving mankind to depravity and history to destruction.

There is a so-called “two haves and two have-nots” rule popular among young people in China today when it comes to seeking a spouse. Namely, they want their mates to have a house and a car, but with no mother or father to worry about. Such a standard goes completely against the purpose of marriage, that is, to produce offspring. Many men and women live together first without getting married. Prostitution has become an open, professional, and marketable career. Extramarital affairs are rampant, with many husbands having one, two, or even more mistresses. Divorce seems like a fad, and no one thinks there is anything wrong with homosexuality.

The lack of righteous belief and the willingness to go downhill have led to the decay of society and family. An average of more than 2,000 divorces occur in China every day. The pursuit of sexual freedom has taken its toll on its participants. Sexually transmitted diseases are spreading quickly in some regions. Promiscuous people have lost their talents and vigor. They become depressed and suffer from weakened health. Some even die young or have trouble conceiving the next generation. Even for those who are indeed able to produce heirs, their children are often born with all kinds of health problems. This is a worrisome phenomenon that is endangering the future of our Chinese nation.

History has proven that ignoring moral principles will lead to the destruction of families, the building blocks upon which the whole of society rests. People mired in the maze have no way to know that this is the communist specter that is trying to wipe out humankind from the foundation of society. The CCP is madly choking the soul of our nation and tying tightly the lost men and women onto its battle vehicle, which is heading towards hell. Yet the lost souls are still assisting the CCP in accelerating the descent into the abyss.

The liberation of people’s demon nature has the cascading effect of causing families and subsequently the entire society to decay. Many families become just a formality with no real marriage existing between husband and wife. A once cozy home instead becomes a tomb of unhappiness in which to bury their minds and souls.

Families are the cornerstones of society. If there are no cornerstones, is there any hope for the rest of the structure of society? If all the countries in this world turn out this way, this earth will go bad like a rotten apple. Where is the way out for human beings? Is there any hope?

Reinforce the Three Cardinal Guides and the Five Constant Virtues

The existence and progress of humankind is determined by the laws of nature and everything is pre-arranged by Heaven. A man and a woman will never get married if they are not destined to become husband and wife. It does not matter how one finds his or her mate, be it through their own efforts, introduction by other people, or arranged by parents, he or she will surely settle on the very same person if they are destined to become husband and wife. How the marriage will turn out all depends on the predestined relationship between the husband and the wife. Whether it is a success or failure, it is the couple’s virtue and karma that accumulated in their previous’ lives at play.

In addition to affection, there is also the sense of indebtedness that a husband and wife have to each other. We should be thankful for such indebtedness bestowed by Heaven. The man should be responsible for the woman, who entrusts her whole life to him. The woman, on the other hand, should be caring towards her husband. During endless reincarnations, no one can take fame and material interests with them, but virtue and karma will always carry over. The most evil among all the evil things in the world is promiscuity, which will accumulate huge karma. As soon as one becomes promiscuous, his or her good fortune will be reduced, and he or she may only have karma to leave to their offspring. However, one’s thoughts determines one’s behavior. It would be invaluable if one could restrain his evil thoughts and stop doing bad things.

I would like to warn those that just follow along in this chaotic world that they should abandon their evil thoughts. If they continue to go against heavenly principles and pursue sexual freedom, sooner or later they will be eliminated. I hope those who are lost can elevate their morality and accumulate virtue for themselves and future generations. I advise them to follow the Heaven-bestowed moral standards and cherish the chance to create a renewed life.

It is my opinion that we must reinforce the Three Cardinal Guides and the Five Constant Virtues to help repair and strengthen families. Only when each building block becomes healthy again can the whole society regain its long-lasting hope. After all, families are the strength of our nation.