(Clearwisdom.net) After seeing Clearwisdom's announcement calling for papers on “Divine Occurrences in the Human World,” I was struck by the realization that Fa-rectification has reached this stage! In the new year, we should help the world's people know the divine nature of Dafa.

During the early stage of the persecution, Master said:

“Where are gods to be found?
Though it’s right before you,
the gods are not seen”
(“On the Journey” Hong Yin Vol. II)

The very nature of human beings craves and looks for the divine, but as human beings are lost in the mundane world, many of them do not believe in the divine, much less know who Master is and who Dafa practitioners are. They dare to persecute Dafa disciples under the evil's control. In one way or another, many people, even outside China, are unknowingly committing crimes against Dafa.

Dafa disciples have accomplished countless remarkable feats over the past ten plus years on the path of assisting Master with Fa-rectification and of Fa-rectification cultivation. I remember reading an article on the Minghui website about an elderly woman practitioner who was painting truth clarification messages on a tall bridge. When a police officer came to catch her, he saw the elderly woman suspended high in the air with her feet off the ground as she was painting big Chinese characters on the side of the bridge. The police officer was so scared that he turned around and ran away. That police officer indeed saw a divine being's supernormal power displayed right in front of his eyes. He was so startled that his thought of doing evil was immediately eliminated, and because he was stopped before he could do evil, he was offered salvation. We should write down these divine occurrences to help people see and so that the small portion of the last remaining evil and demons can see. This is a way of validating Dafa, saving sentient beings and clearing away the evil.

Master said,

“You are all remarkable. You have made it through the harshest and most evil of circumstances, and moreover, all along you have been validating the Fa, clarifying the truth, and saving sentient beings—right up to the present. You may not realize the extent of your mighty virtue, but already the sentient beings of this cosmos know to look upon you with the respect you deserve. ” (“Be More Diligent”)

And why is all of this possible. I believe that the answer is here:

“Gods walk the earth,
validating the Fa”
(“What's to Fear?” Hong Yin Vol. II)

Divine beings have divine thoughts, divine nature and divine deeds. They take part in miraculous occurrences and these are shown to the sentient beings.

When Shakyamuni was in the human world, little or no records were kept at the time. It was not until later on that his disciples recalled and wrote down those sacred words and miraculous occurrences, so that they could be spread for more than 2,000 years. The omissions and errors resulting from that were a lesson to be learned from. Today, Dafa disciples follow Master with Fa-rectification in the human world, and such divine occurrences are what Dafa disciples have accomplished with Master's protection. Now that they have performed them, we should keep them as a record of Fa-rectification history, without omissions and errors. They are real and eternal, and also part of what we are to do now.

I personally think it is not accidental that the announcement calling for papers on “Divine Occurrences in the Human World” was published on Christmas Day. A great God in the universe, Jesus, was born on this very day. He left many divine occurrences so that people would know of the divine, established a culture in the West to have faith in the divine, and helped to pave the way for Master's Fa-rectification today. Now, the savior has come, the Creator has come, and Dafa disciples have followed Master in Fa-rectification for more than ten years. It is a divine mission for us, then, to record such “Divine Occurrences in the Human World.”