(Clearwisdom.net) There are a wide variety of torture techniques being used in the Communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. There is one kind of torture that is very insidious. On the surface people cannot see anything, but it can cause serious and life-threatening damage.

Dr. Yang Guiyuan from the First Military Medical University was taken to the Guangzhou First Forced Labor Camp and subjected to all kinds of torture. One of the most brutal tortures he suffered was when he was tied with ropes into the shape of a ball. He said, “They shredded military quilts to make ropes. These ropes can cause severe pain, but they don't leave any visible wounds. One day I was called into a small room they called a 'closed room.' They said they needed to have a talk with me. As soon as I got there, they started to tie me up. They started with my arms by tying them circle by circle. Then they made me double cross my legs and tied them up. The blood circulation in my arms and legs was cut off. I was all tied up, with my arms tied behind my back. My wrists were tied together and lifted behind my back close to my neck, causing much pain. Finally, they pulled a rope from between my legs and put it around the back of my neck, pulling my head down into my legs. I was tied up like a ball, and after a while I couldn't feel anything. Then they released me and again tied me up. Again and again.”

Being bound into a ball is a brutal form of torture. It causes severe pain without leaving any visible traces of damage. The rope used is not a typical thin nylon rope—it is made by ripping up quilts.

In order to prevent marks from being left on the surface of the body, the evildoers hit an object placed on the victim's body instead of hitting the victim's body directly. This way, no injury is visible, but internal injuries are inflicted.

Mr. Xie Hanzhu, Deputy Section Head at the Mei County Bureau of Agriculture in Guangdong Province, was tortured during an interrogation on the third floor of the Meijiang District Police Department from February 23 to 28, 2005. Several guards forced him to squat and then padded his back with books and newspapers. Police officer Chen Zhidong pounded the books and newspapers using a 15-cm-long, 5-cm-wide hammer that had a 50-cm-long handle, resulting in severe internal injuries. Mr. Xie experiences extreme pain in his lungs when he breathes.

Mr. Xie was also tortured in other ways. Police officers Li Jianlu, Chen Zhidong, and several others handcuffed his hands to a seat. After they looped a rope around his body and neck, they covered his eyes with a towel and tightly sealed his mouth with packing tape. Then they inserted two lit cigarettes into Mr. Xie's nostrils. The smoke congested his lungs with every breath he took. After a while, they removed the cigarettes and threatened him. Then inserted two lit cigarettes into his nostrils again. They went through 10 cigarettes in one night. In one round, they left the cigarettes in his nostrils too long, and he fainted. This insidious torture causes extreme pain and can burn a victim's lungs, but there are no visible signs of torture.

Of course, sometimes, the evildoers do not consider the issue of external marks because some of these tortures are carried out just as a form of cruelty.

Mr. Xie Hanzhu has also been subjected to the following forms of torture:

In July 2000, he was taken to Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province. The guards ordered five inmates to force Mr. Xie to sit on the floor with his back against one leg of a metal bed. Then two inmates pulled his arms apart with all their strength and two others pulled his legs apart as they pushed his back, causing excruciating pain. This is the brutal torture "five horses splitting the body." After the torture, Mr. Xie's arms and legs were bruised and swollen for days. He could not bend over or squat down and was unable to sleep due to the extreme pain. The guards that were involved in the above-mentioned torture were: deputy team head Jiang and staff members Lei Shubao, Zhang Guansheng, and several others.

Mr. Meng Fei, a teacher from Xinxing Middle School in Changshan County in Shandong Province, was picked up at his school and taken to the No. 8 Ward of the No. 2 Men's Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province on September 7, 2009. Mr. Meng started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Sun Fengjun told two guards and three inmates to carry Mr. Meng to the restroom. He was handcuffed to the back of a metal chair with his legs separated and bound to the sides of the chair. Two guards stepped heavily on Mr. Meng's feet. Sun Fengjun then told the two inmates to step down on the handcuffs so that the handcuffs dug into Mr. Meng's wrists. They also grabbed his hair, pulling his head back roughly. At this time, guard Sun Fengjun violently struck Mr. Meng in the head, chest, and ribs. Sun Fengjun punched his left thigh, which brought tears to Mr. Meng's eyes from the piercing pain.

Sun Fengjun claimed that, with the chair and flat panel underneath, the bones would not break, no matter how much it hurt. “This is one trick I learned,” he said. “No matter how bad the internal injury is, it can't be seen externally.” Then they threw two punches, three punches, ten punches, twenty punches. Mr. Meng Fei responded with non-stop waves of screams. The guards standing on the right hit Mr. Meng's right thigh the same way. The two inmates behind him also hit him hard on his head, shoulders, back, and ribs.

How vicious! One can only imagine how painful it would be. The guard said, “I just learned this one trick! It's not hard to learn, and it's very easy to teach others.” Who could ever be so ruthless as to use it? What kinds of people would ever use such a a ruthless technique?

Recently, overseas media have reported the horrific sexual abuse suffered in Hebei Province Women's Forced Labor Camp by Ms. Hu Miaomiao, a 25-year-old kindergarten teacher from Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province. Under the orders of team head Wang Weiwei, criminal detainees Wu Yanchun, Li Lingling, and Zong Dongrong tortured Ms. Hu by forcing her to stand still for long periods of time and beating her at will. Worse yet, they stabbed into her genitals repeatedly with a broom handle. Such sexual abuse caused tremendous damage. Three months after the assault took place, she still could not walk or stand up straight. Ms. Hu thought she had broken bones and asked to be seen in the hospital. The labor camp authorities did not agree that an exam was necessary.

If we take a look at what Ms. Ma Yunhua from Xi'an said, it may be easier for us to make sense of how Ms. Hu Miaomiao was tortured. Ms. Ma Yunhua was taken to Ward Six of Shaanxi Province Women's Prison. She said, “When they were beating me, they focused on my private parts and abdomen because injury to those areas was less noticeable. They shoved my head into water for long periods of time to almost drown me and jabbed my whole body with needles. In order to force me listen to the Communist regime's lies defaming Falun Gong and brainwash me, they immobilized me and then stuck earphones in my ears, fastening them with duct tape.” Obviously, many of the tortures Ms. Ma suffered were not “visible.”

Of course, the police can use these kinds of trauma to torture people. They also use these methods to kill people.

Mr. Jiang Bingzhi from Shiquan Town, Beian City, Heilongjiang Province, was detained in Suihua Forced Labor Camp. Because he refused to give up his belief, Mr. Jiang was subjected to cruel torture. One day, a guard opened the door of Mr. Jiang's cell and threw two plastic bags into the cell. The inmates, assigned by guards to monitor practitioners closely, understood what the guards wanted them to do. They covered Mr. Jiang's head with the plastic bags, put a rope tightly around his neck, and started to beat him cruelly. Due to suffocation and the vicious beating, Mr. Jiang fell into a vegetative state. A few days later, on August 26, 2009, he died.

The police use many kinds of torture on practitioners, such as freezing them, exposing them to the hot sun, making them sit on a small stool, making them stand in military postures, sleep deprivation, not allowing them to relieve themselves, etc. Their goal is to cruelly torture Falun Gong practitioners while trying to avoid criticism and future criminal prosecution.

The long-term and widespread use of such methods of torture on the same group of people clearly indicates that the CCP is continuing to do its utmost to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.