(Clearwisdom.net) How do the evil specters and rotten demons make use of a cultivator’s thoughts of lust to persecute the cultivator? It is my understanding that when a lustful thought is generated, a layer of dust-like substance will form and cover the person's cultivated side, and also cover the cultivator's surface body, which separates the enlightened part from the surface body. Thoughts of lust are themselves like dust; they isolate the cultivator’s nature from the surface. The more thoughts of lust are developed, the thicker this layer of dust will become. By the time a cultivator then progresses to having an improper relationship with a member of the opposite sex, this layer of dust may have already become very thick, covering the essential nature of the cultivator. The Communist specter and things like the rotten demons can use this layer of dust to create false manifestations and then project these manifestations into the minds of cultivators, so as to erode their will for diligent cultivation. An example of such a false manifestation might be expressed as, “I do not want to cultivate anymore. It is too hard.” The cultivator may also develop a strong attachment of fear. Furthermore, the thought of lust is contrary to the characteristic of the universe, and it also erodes Dafa practitioners’ will for diligent cultivation. Of course, with strong faith in Master and Dafa, Dafa cultivators will not be deceived by these false manifestations, but they can make the cultivators suffer much mentally. Cultivators with the attachment to lust will become depressed and will not be able to feel the wonders of Dafa.

Now only few evil factors are left, along with the bad people that the evil can exploit because of karmic retribution. In this situation, lust has become a powerful weapon for the evil specters and rotten demons to use to persecute Dafa practitioners. Although many practitioners are not intimidated by the evil persecution, some practitioners’ attachment to lust has been utilized by the evil specters and rotten demons. These evil elements used the practitioners’ attachment to create false manifestations in the minds and bodies of the practitioners, so as to lead the practitioners to evil enlightenment and drag them down. As what the specters and demons want is to ruin Dafa disciples, they do not care what means they use. Some practitioners are satisfied with their having not made the mistake of having an improper relationship with a member of the opposite sex, but they do not actively eliminate the thoughts of lust in their minds, and they even yield, after some resistance, to the attachment of lust. They are quite disturbed by it, and it pains their hearts. Such practitioners are at high risk, for they are teetering on the brink of making mistakes. When one can actively eliminate these thoughts of lust and no longer generate such things, one will be able to experience the natural, omnipresent joy and happiness which rises from the depths of their hearts. Their minds are very relaxed and they also become very kind, because Master will complement their bodies with the substances that are in accordance with the new cosmos’ criteria and with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They will be like children who are pure and innocent, but they are different from children, in that they can immediately see the essence of many issues.

From a different perspective, if one has not let go of the thought of lust, and if one still develops thoughts of lust in one’s mind and still enjoys the lust in one’s memory, this person, in my opinion, is not truly cultivating himself. Master said, “Those who are attached to lust are no different from wicked people. While reciting the scriptures, they even cast furtive glances; they are far from the Dao and are wicked, everyday people.” (“Cultivators’ Avoidances” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

In this case, these individuals’ cultivation is still based on their human notions. They, in their minds, are still attached to human things. They still want to satisfy their attachments while cultivating Dafa. Although they are learning the Fa, they are not genuine Dafa cultivators. When one does not generate thoughts of lust, one will gradually become clearheaded and one’s hidden attachments will be exposed and then removed. One will naturally fall into the state of joy and one’s behavior will be naturally righteous. Ordinary people will be able to see the goodness of a cultivator and one’s truth-clarification will be doubly effective with half the effort.

Some practitioners who made mistakes in this regard may feel that they have let Master down and they may thus become depressed. The Communist specter and the rotten demons would project to the practitioner’s surface mind, “Master does not want me anymore” and “I am not qualified to be a practitioner.” At such times, one needs to clearly realize that this is from the evil specters. Our great, compassionate Master is expecting us to rectify ourselves, make solid cultivation advancements and do well again!

As my realm is limited, please point out any of my views that are incorrect.