As we begin the new year, I came to an understanding while studying the Fa and want to share two points with you.

1. Why we ought to study the Fa in a group

Studying the Fa in a group is a form of cultivation given by Master and the environment guarantees the improvement of Dafa disciples. In the field of studying the Fa, we can concentrate better to study the Fa and understand more at the same time.

2. We need to sincerely study the Fa and assimilate to the Fa

We've known that Master pulled us out of hell, cleaned us up and bestowed upon us the book Zhuan Falun, which is our ladder to heaven. As the Fa is serious, we have to study each word clearly and consciously. Making mistakes while reading the Fa demonstrates that one is not concentrating and a lack of respect.

When our group shared about studying the Fa, we corrected our attitude to study Fa. We then found ourselves being assimilated down to every single cell as we continued reading. It was a wonderful experience.