(Clearwisdom.net) Regarding the issue of young practitioners getting married, some fellow practitioners think it is fine to live alone; some think a practitioner, once divorced, should not re-marry; others think getting married is a hindrance on the path of cultivation. Today I would like to offer my opinion on the topic.

We should view everything in the context of the Fa and should not go to extremes. Each practitioner has his or her own path to walk and has a different understanding of the Fa. Specifically, we should follow the predestined relationships.

Some young practitioners are of marriageable age or are considered overdue for marriage. However, he or she might think it is quite okay to remain single and that it would be beneficial to cultivation. If you still possess human attachments and notions, if family members are urging you to marry, why is it so objectionable to get married? If you could have a diligent fellow practitioner as your spouse, you would be able to do the Three Things well and why not do it happily? From another point of view, isn't it going to the extremes if no practitioners get married while living in regular society?

Some practitioners have divorced because they did not cultivate well in their families in the past. Later they want to have a family again. At this point, some fellow practitioners might say, “You must not re-marry!” And the practitioner is swayed by these sentiments. In my opinion, the key thing to consider is why you are getting remarried. Is it to enjoy life as an ordinary person or to do the Three Things better? That is the key question to answer. If you do things following the teachings of the Fa, everything will become very easy.

In our cultivation, each and every thing requires our righteous enlightenment. We must walk our own paths of cultivation and there is no established formula to follow. We cannot take others' opinions as the standard. Instead, we must use the Fa as the criterion to make our judgment. We should not look to the Fa for excuses to protect and indulge our human attachments.

Time is so limited for us now. Although we don't want to be attached to time, we should truly and quickly let go of our human notions and strictly follow what Teacher requires of us. Those young practitioners who do not plan to get married, just do well what you should do. Those young practitioners who do plan to marry, please base everything on the Fa and keep advancing diligently.