(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Huang Juxiu is a 58-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Yueyang City, Hunan Province. She was employed by the Public Transportation Corporation of Yueyang City. Ms. Huang has been persecuted many times for practicing Falun Gong; she was illegally arrested seven times and was sentenced to four years of imprisonment. Her employer stopped her wages for nine years.

Detained for Going to Beijing to Appeal

In 1997, Ms. Huang had stomach problems; ossein proliferation; snail fever, which can lead to liver cancer; and inner and outer hemorrhoids, which can lead to rectal cancer. In March, the driver of the bus she was working on gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun, which he had found on the bus. From then on Ms. Huang started her cultivation practice and soon all her illnesses disappeared and her family also became happy.

Not long after the persecution began, in September 1999 Ms. Huang and several other practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong. They were arrested on Tiananmen Square and taken to the Yueyang Liaison Office in Beijing. They managed to escape the next day. Two months after they arrived in Beijing, they were arrested at their temporary residence by the local police. They were again taken to the Yueyang Liaison Office and later were brought back to Yueyang Women's Forced Labor Camp. They were detained for 30 days and had 2000 yuan extorted from them.

Huang Juxiu went to Beijing to appeal again in February 2000. She arrived at the Appeals Office early in the morning, and the office staff gave each of the appellants a form. After "Reason for Appeal," she wrote: "Allow us to practice Falun Gong; allow the publication of Falun Gong books; clear Master Li's and Dafa's good name."

After Ms. Huang finished writing, she was taken by police from the Yueyang Liaison Office to the Yueyang Women's Forced Labor Camp for three months. Several dozen Falun Gong practitioners in the labor camp went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. They were not released until some of them were in critical condition.

In November 2000, Ms. Huang went to Beijing to appeal again. The police on duty at Jinshuiqiao interrogated her and several other officers came to take her away. Ms. Huang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" She was dragged into a police vehicle. In the vehicle, the police hit her head with spiked police batons. One of them kicked her in the mouth. She was taken to Tiananmen Police Station, where she refused to tell her name or address (Note: Because of the Chinese Communist Party's implication policy, Falun Gong practitioners often refuse to give their names to the police in order to protect family, friends and work colleagues). Ms. Huang was then taken to the Chongwen Detention Center. In the detention center she went on a hunger strike for seven days and was finally released.

Arrested from Home

Ms. Huang Juxiu was home alone on January 16, 2001, when several people knocked on her door. Some were in police uniforms and some were in plainclothes. As soon as she opened the door, they barged in and took her away without explanation. They took her to theYueyang Detention Center. This time the detention center heod several dozen practitioners for three months. They went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution and suffered brutal forced-feeding. One time, Ms. Huang was force-fed by a male inmate who used a very thick bamboo tube. Several other male inmates held her down and she lost consciousness from the force-feeding. It took a long time before she regained consciousness. During this detention period, Ms. Huang went on hunger strikes three times. The last hunger strike lasted for eight days and she was not released until she was in critical condition.

Arrested at Work

In November 2003, under the instigation of the city 610 Office, Ms. Huang's employer sent her to the brainwashing center established by the Yunxi District Police Department of Yueyang City to persecute practitioners.

Regime personnel tried to force practitioners to watch slanderous videos and read slanderous books and tried to force them to dance. The practitioners resisted. They were then forced to stand out in the snow. Zhang Xiehong, a city 610 Office agent, kicked the practitioners' feet with her leather boots; Ms. Huang's feet were swollen from being kicked. The practitioners were persecuted for two months. They were not released until the Chinese New Year was approaching and after they went on a hunger strike.

Arrested While Walking down the Street

In May 2004, Louqu Domestic Security Division of Yueyang City arranged sentry posts in the residential area where Ms. Huang Juxiu lived, installed cameras at the small hotel next to the residential area, and arranged telescopes to monitor the area 24 hours a day. The hotel owner was scared and concerned for Ms. Huang and quietly told her about the situation. She also noticed someone following her. One day she was arrested on the street and interrogated with torture for two days and nights. She did not give in. Tang Jianming came up to her and slapped her face so hard that her mouth bled. Tang also demanded, "Don't report me to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website!" Ms. Huang was detained in the Yueyang City Detention Center for 87 days.

Arrested from Home and Illegally Sentenced to Four Years

On October 10, 2005, Ms. Huang was forcibly taken away from her home by five people: two from the Yueyang 610 Office, policeman Hu and a policewoman from the Wulipai Police Station, and Sun Gang from the security section of Ms. Huang's employer. They carried Ms. Huang down from from the eighth floor and took her to the Hubin Cadre School Brainwashing Center in Yueyang. On the same day they attempted to "transform" her.

Because Ms. Huang refused to be "transformed," she was transferred to the Yunxi Detention Center several days later. She was interrogated by instructor Li and Wang Xuexi of the Yunxi Police Division, who tried to force her to reveal the names of fellow practitioners.

In March 2006, Ms. Huang Juxiu was sentenced to four years in prison by the Yunxi Court and was sent to the Hunan Woman's Prison in June 2006.

Subjected to Brutal Torture in Prison

In August 2006, the Hunan Women's Prison sent Ms. Huang to the brainwashing center in the prison. The location of the brainwashing center was concealed, and the windows and doors were tightly shut. Nobody was allowed to go in or out except the police officers and inmates who took part in trying to brainwash practitioners. The practitioners are subjected to various forms of physical and mental torture in the brainwashing center.

On the first day, inmates Xiang Lianhua, Huang Qiong, and Xie Yonghong pretended to be concerned about Ms. Huang. When they saw that she wasn't cooperating with them, they began to abuse her, forcing her to stand for a long time and they didn't allow her to sleep until after midnight. After several days, Ms. Huang's feet swelled up so much that they could no longer fit into her shoes and she could not stand at all. However, the inmates forced her swollen feet into the too-small shoes and forced her to stand upright.

One day, Ms. Huang erased the slanderous slogans that the guards had written on the wall. The criminal inmates beat her hysterically until she was cut and bruised all over. She was beaten so badly that she could not even lift her head. On October 8, Ms. Huang was sent to the "brainwashing center" again. Criminal inmate Yian Meiying did not let her sleep, stomped on her, and forced her to stand all day long. She was forced to stand even while eating.

Ms. Huang was dizzy, nauseated, and vomiting, and was unable to open her eyes as a result of the torture. Yan Meiying then rubbed oil into Ms. Huang's eyes, tortured her with some device made of nylon ropes, and hit her eyes with a book, until she fell down and was unable to get up on her own. Ms. Huang suffered like this for two months. When she really couldn't take it anymore, against her will she wrote the Three Statements renouncing Falun Gong.

Organizations and persons responsible for the persecution of Ms. Huang:

Women's Prison of Hunan Province: Xiang Lianhua (inmate), Huang Qiong (inmate), Xie Yonghong (inmate) and an inmate with the last name of Yan
Hubin Brainwashing Center
Yueyang 610 Office: Zhang Xiehong
Louqu Domestic Security Division: Jiang Chao, Tang Jianmin, Li Yonghui
Public Transportation Corporation of Yueyang City: Deng Tianyou, Sun Gang, Hu Heping, Xu Xiliang
Yunxi Police Division: political head Li and a woman surnamed Wang.