(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, a lamentable thing happened to a practitioner in our local area. An older male practitioner almost died because he didn't let go of his attachment to lust and was furtively indulgent with pornographic videos. With the help of fellow practitioners, he studied the Fa, looked inside, and exposed his attachments.

Just three days before he was sent to a hospital, he received a ticket from someone and went to see pornographic videos for several hours. In the meantime, he still yearned for his first love from his youth and spent a night with her after he helped her quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Because of these loopholes, he was taken advantaged of and manipulated by the old forces, which strengthened, expanded, and enlarged his attachments. As a result, this practitioner brought on himself many obstacles and troubles that were purely man-made.

It happened about two months ago. One day, he didn't come to the Fa study group. He lived rather far away, and we were worried about him and afraid that he might have been arrested, so we inquired about his whereabouts everywhere. Nine days later, we were informed that he had been hospitalized. When we rushed to the hospital, we saw him sleeping in bed with his hands tied. He was connected to an oxygen tank and had sensors for his heart and blood pressure. A card placed at the head of the bed stated cerebral hemorrhage, high blood pressure over 200, diabetes, etc. I was wondering: Why did he fall like this so suddenly? He did so well in clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution, and persuading people to quit the CCP. Every time he went out, he was successful and returned with a long list of people's names who had quit the CCP. We were all puzzled and wondered what had happened to him.

This practitioner had worked as a policeman for 40 years. Because of his firm belief in Falun Gong, he was fired and deprived of his pension. Thus, he had to live on his savings. Already in his seventies, he overcame many difficulties while clarifying the truth to people day in and day out. Moreover, he helped fellow practitioners to set up many Fa study groups. Generally speaking, at this critical time of saving sentient beings, if any practitioner has a small loophole, Teacher will give him a hint as well as an opportunity to become aware of it. This serious result couldn't have happened unless he had a big loophole.

I was very troubled and my heart pained when I saw him suffering. After we woke him up, he didn't recognize us, nor his son and daughter-in-law. We sent forth righteous thoughts for a while, then asked if he recognized Teacher Li Hongzhi and remembered Lunyu. He nodded lightly. Then we recited Lunyu together. Amazingly he made it all the way through, though his enunciation wasn't clear. Suddenly, we noticed that his left hand, which had lost feeling, moved slightly. Later, we coordinated with fellow practitioners in our city to send forth righteous thoughts together for him. The following day, he was able to move his feet, and his hands could make a fist and release it. Meanwhile, we persisted in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts together with him in the hospital every day.

The medical fee for each day was more than 2,000 yuan and he didn't show much improvement, even though ten days had passed. Moreover, his blood pressure was over 200 and he was diagnosed with having a cerebral hemorrhage. The doctor stated that his illness couldn't be cured no matter how long he stayed in the hospital. His son was helpless and fell ill. We had a discussion with his son and asked if he could render his father to our attention. We told him that we wouldn't ask for any payment, but needed a place for him to live. However, neither his son nor his relatives wanted him in their homes because they were afraid he might die there, which would be inauspicious for them. Therefore, with the protection of Teacher, we took him to a fellow practitioner's home. During a period of over two weeks, practitioners coordinated with each other to take care of him, but his son never once came to see him. We took turns studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts together with him. We required from him that he live according to the standards of a practitioner. His physical condition improved as each day passed. Because he suffered from incontinence, it was necessary to wash him frequently. He was also very overweight. We nonetheless put down all human notions and took care of him whole-heartedly. Since we thought that his loopholes were also ours, and that all of us, as one body, should be responsible for this, we helped him recover and improve quickly, while identifying our shortcomings in cultivation as one body.

Two weeks later he started to recover more fully. We called his son and asked him to come see him. When his son saw his great change, he couldn't believe it. As we didn't want the three things to be delayed, we discussed with his son how he could help him. His son later took him to a convalescent home. We took turns visiting him, and studied the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts together with him. His son brought Dafa books and exercise CDs to him. He studied the Fa by himself and tried to do some exercises at the convalescent home. He could stand up within less than a month, and later could walk by himself without any support. All these amazing results were attributed to Teacher's compassion, this practitioner's own righteous thoughts, and practitioners' overall coordination, righteous thoughts, and righteous actions!

This practitioner's family and relatives witnessed the wonder of Dafa and what Dafa practitioners did for him. The nurses in the convalescent home witnessed his recovery process, within less than one month, by reading Zhuan Falun, reciting Hong Yin and practicing simple exercises, but never taking any medicine. He validated the Fa with his personal experience and clarified the truth about Dafa to the nurses in the convalescent home.

As veteran practitioners who have walked through wind and rain during the past ten years, we arrived here today thanks to Teacher's compassionate protection. We should understand the true meaning of life and our divine historic missions. During this final critical time and in this complicated society, we should be clear about the Fa principles and stay focused on Dafa. I have enlightened that now is the time for us to lay down everything and wash away all wrong thoughts. Letting go of human attachments and walking out of this period is actually taking responsibility for our own cultivation and the sentient beings in our own universe, and living up to Teacher's compassionate grace!

The above is only my personal understanding at my level of cultivation. If you find anything inappropriate, please point it out compassionately.