(Clearwisdom.net) When first beginning to cultivate in Falun Gong, every practitioner experienced physical and mental changes. I am witness to the miracles that happened to my husband.

Stopping Smoking

One day in May 1994, my workplace sponsored a health check for all employees. My husband was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. Since 1968 he had suffered from Hepatitis B. In the twenty years since, his liver hurt constantly.

He was addicted to cigarettes, to the point of smoking a pack a day. If he was writing, he would smoke one after another. He got liver cirrhosis, a gastric ulcer and bronchitis and had made decisions to quit, but he failed many times.

When qigong was at its height of popularity in China, someone suggested we practice qigong. Unfortunately, we did not believe in it. In the spring of 1996 my husband's health became worse and no hospital or medicine could heal him. Someone recommended he learn Falun Gong and gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun. He told my husband, "Read this book. I can guarantee that you will benefit from it. This is a totally different kind of qigong book." When he saw Master's image, my husband could hardly wait to read the book. He really forgot to eat and sleep.

When he read Master's words in The Seventh Talk,

"See yourself as a cultivator, and treat it as an attachment today and try to quit, see if you can quit. If you really want to cultivate I urge you to quit smoking today, and I guarantee you can quit. In the field of this class nobody thinks of smoking. If you want to quit, I guarantee you can quit, and when you next pick up a cigarette it won't taste right. Reading this talk in the book has the same effect." (Zhuan Falun)

My husband immediately lit a cigarette and took two puffs. Exactly as Master said, it did not taste good. Shortly after, he lit up another one, and a third one. He tried again and again and threw the cigarettes away after one puff. He said to me, "Go ahead and cultivate. This book is so wonderful. I just read it and quit smoking. I do not want to smoke anymore." I doubted him, but a month later he really had really quit.

Recovering from liver cirrhosis

From then on my husband studied the Fa and did the exercises every day. His liver and stomach did not hurt anymore. The same happened with his esophagus. His face turned rosy. He became as strong as a young man.

In 2008 our son renovated his house and lived on the first floor. The yard out front contained many rocks. My 68-year-old husband hoisted the rocks from a three-foot deep pit and filled a truck with them. The neighbor said, "This old man is very capable and is in very good health." I said, "He got cirrhosis in 1996." "How did he recover from it?" "By practicing Falun Gong." "Really?" "You can see with your own eyes, he is right in front of you."

I would like to tell of two things I experienced myself:

My backache disappeared after two days of doing the Falun Dafa exercises

One night in October 1996 my back hurt terribly and seemed it would break if I moved. I was not able to get up in the morning and needed help when I wanted to lie down. My husband said, "Hurry up, do the exercises." Early the next morning, my husband helped me stand up straight and supported me to walk all the way to the exercise site. When the music played, my back constantly felt a chill. I thought I had worn insufficient clothes. Later on, by studying the Fa, I knew that it was Master who was helping me purify my body. When doing the first exercise, I dared not to stretch. When it came to the fourth exercise, I needed to bend down and squat. I totally forgot the hurt. After doing the exercises, I felt so relaxed that I went upstairs by myself. The next day, I went to the exercise site again and had totally recovered. From that moment, I began the cultivation practice.

Sautéing Yuanxiao (Glutinous Rice Balls)

During the 1997 Lantern Festival, my newly married daughter and son-in-law came to our home to celebrate with us. By tradition, yuanxiao played an important role. "Let's fry yuanxiao," everyone said. As my family spoke out the words, an image emerged in my mind. When we fried yuanxiao in 1993, a yuanxiao had split into pieces, burning the left side of my face and leaving blisters; there were also big blisters on my left hand. Then the blisters linked together, hurting me severely. I didn't recover until several months later.

However, this 1997 occasion was the first time my son-in-law had come to celebrate the Lantern Festival. I could not simply boil yuanxiao in water. I needed to fry them. As others had told me, I steamed the yuanxiao before frying. When there were a few yuanxiao left, I bent my neck to pick them up. Putting them into the hot oil, "Pom!" several yuanxiao exploded and the boiling grease splashed everywhere. Five people in the room ran to me and asked, "Are you all right?" I touched my face and hands. "It doesn't hurt."

Then I realized that my hair was in curls. I stroked my hair. There was much grease on it. My head felt so heavy. Oh, look at my woolen jacket. There were many tiny spots on the front and shoulder area. Also, my sleeves and pants were covered with grease spots. Looking down I found much grease on the floor, as well as on my slippers, but none on the exposed socks. The wall and the side window were also splattered with grease spots. My daughter carefully checked my scalp, but there was nothing wrong. She said, "Mom, there are many grease spots on your back." I took off my coat and saw that the grease had soaked into the interior of it.

We congratulated ourselves that although almost all the grease in the pot had come out, my hands, face and feet, which could have easily been burned, were fine. Could it have been that there were divine beings protecting me? One thought made me realize, "It is Master that is helping me."

As my cultivation has progressed, more and more of these things have happened. By studying the Fa and doing the exercises, my heart problems disappeared completely.