(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. He Binggang, general manager of Yuwen Technologies, a computer sales shop in the Changning District of Shanghai, was arrested by 610 Office agents from the Changning District Domestic Security Division on April 15, 2010, using a deceitful trap. He is now facing a show-trial.

This is the second time He Binggang, 35, has been arrested. In 2000, Mr. He was arrested and detained when he was a graduate student at Fudan University. In 2001, he was sentenced to a six-year prison term, and was detained in the Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership in Shanghai City instigated staff from the 610 Office of Changning District Domestic Security Division to persecute Falun Gong practitioners under the pretense of security during the 2010 World Expo. They had been monitoring the computer sales shop that Mr. He Binggang owned and were looking for the right "excuse" to arrest Mr. He. The 610 Office of Changning District Domestic Security Division sent an undercover agent with a computer to Mr. He's shop, trying to sell the computer. They went through the normal purchase transaction on the used computer software. On the morning of April 15, many agents from the 610 Office of Changning District Domestic Security Division broke into Mr. He's company and raided it, using the excuse of suspecting acquisition of stolen property. They verified the identification of all employees, sealed the shop, and arrested Mr. He Binggang and his department manager.

Mr. He Binggang has been detained in the Changning District Detention Center. He was subjected to various tortures and suffered tremendous physical injury, and was then sent to the Nanhui District Prison Hospital in Shanghai for emergency treatment.

Mr. He's parents didn't hear from their son for a long time. They sought out and hired a local attorney for Mr. He. However, when they inquired about their son's status, the attorney told his parents not to ask because he was under great pressure. The attorney said that the pressure was from Shanghai CCP Committee of Politics and Law Affairs and the 610 Office of Domestic Security Division of Public Security Bureau. They were trying to prevent him from taking the case.

Mr. He Binggang's parents are now searching for another attorney who is willing to provide legal assistance to their son.

For many years, the 610 Office of Changning District Domestic Security Division in Shanghai has viciously persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, using very sinister and deceitful methods. Those responsible from the 610 Office include Wang Jue, Yuan Guixiang, Wei Liguang, Ma, Mao Jie, Yang Ying, Chen Ying, Chen Hao, Zhu Fengming, and Qian Jun. A tremendous number of crimes committed by Changning Domestic Security Division during the previous eleven years of persecution has been exposed. According to incomplete statistics, the practitioners who were persecuted by the Changning Domestic Security Division, and whose cases were reported, include Li Weiling, Zhou Bin, Dai Zhiying, Li Hongzhen, Li Guifang, Fan Guoping, Lu Zheng, Xu Hanming, Yu Peiying, Zhu Liju, Cao Qiongzhi, Ma Guobiao, Zhou Yuntian, Wu Xianglin, Li Huzhe, Hu Zhongtian, Pang Suzhen, Zhang Qin, Ma Laiyan, Liu Chengying, Li Qun, Shu Yaqin, Li Hong, Yue Hongying, Chen Xueqin, Yao Qi, Yang Aihua, Lin Liqin, Gao Qinmei, Huang Naiwei, Hou Huifang, Xu Chenghua, Xu Fengbao, Hong Ru, Dong Wenqin, Li Xiqin, Wu Qiurong, Li Linlin, Zheng Chunfang, Shuying, Yan Li, Gao Jinmei, Ma Laiyan, Jiang Bin, Rao Meiling, Li Lingling, and others.