(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa on New Year's Day in 2003. I did not practice Dafa because I wanted to cure illness. However, after less than a month, a miracle happened to me: my nasitis (nasal inflammation) and metrorrhagia (irregular uterine bleeding) disappeared, and my skin became delicate and rosy. Due to this unexpected big change, I made up my mind to cultivate myself well. During the third month after starting Falun Dafa, I had a full month's menstrual flow, often so heavy it was like running water. I knew it was eliminating my karma, so I was not disturbed at all. Surprisingly, over the next two years, I would have a full month's menstruation and then one month free. During that time, I believed that the menstruation disorder was due to the elimination of karma. I had faith in Master and Dafa and overcame the disorder without any further problems.

However, the situation worsened over the next five years. My menstrual period lasted from approximately 20 days to four months of heavy flow. At the beginning, the menstrual flow would stop for 12 days. But later it only stopped for three or four days. My body had traces of color. This tribulation severely affected my Fa-rectification work.

Since I first obtained the Fa, I thought that, as a Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification period, I need to do the three things well. In 2005, when I set up a truth-clarification materials production site at home, I was well aware of the great responsibility to do a good job in the three things. However, sickness karma often made me confused. No matter how sick I felt and no matter how hard my family tried to persuade me to see a doctor, I was never disturbed. I believed that it was not illness, but sickness karma. I often looked within and sent righteous thoughts. However, I was still confused and did not know why the sickness karma continued to exist. I did the three things. I found many of my attachments, and got rid of many of them. I passed many cultivation tests. I believed I was diligent in cultivation. I thought I had passed the test of life and death since four months' of continual menstruation did not shake my faith in cultivation at all. I was very confused about the sickness karma and wondered why it had not been eliminated. Yet I persisted in doing the three things well and studying the Fa.

I studied the Fa more and more. One day at the end of 2009, I suddenly enlightened that seven years of sickness karma was due to my unrighteous thoughts. I had been thinking that I was very steadfast in my faith since I was not disturbed by the sickness karma at all. I thought that, faced with the karma, I still had steadfast faith, which demonstrated that I cultivated very well. However, just this unrighteous thought was taken advantage of by the old forces. They used my loophole to persecute me more and more.

After realizing this, I started to send righteous thoughts. I denied my previous unrighteous thoughts, and did not allow the old forces or any evil beings to use my loopholes as an excuse to persecute my physical body or affect my Fa-rectification work. A miracle happened! The abnormal menstruation halted the same day and returned to normal. My delicate and rosy skin has returned.