The Clearwisdom Review is a weekly newsletter, which highlights current information about the persecution, practitioners' activities worldwide, and the benefits of Falun Dafa. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide current and updated information about Falun Dafa in a brief and easily accessible format. Through new articles each week, the newsletter will strive to provide a balance of coverage on a range of topics relevant to Falun Gong. The newsletter can be downloaded in PDF format for viewing or distribution.

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Table of Contents
  • Persecution and Forced Labor at the Chongqing Women's Labor Camp
  • Practitioners Invited to Participate in Newark Night for the 10th Year
  • Ottawa City Council Bypasses Mayor to Proclaim Falun Dafa Day
  • My Miraculous Cure - The Story of the Steel Back Support
  • Introduction to Falun Dafa
  • About Clearwisdom