(Clearwisdom.net) After I returned from Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, I was happy to tell others how I was able to do the three things well and resisted the persecution while in the camp. Whenever the topic was brought up, talking about it pleased me and made me feel good. Initially I thought it was a show-off mentality, as well as an attachment to reputation, so I denied it. But later I discovered that I was unable to get rid of it. Things that happened in the camp became more and more rampant in my mind. Worse yet, the details of my daily life there kept replaying through my mind like a movie. Through Fa-study, I realized that this was not only my attachment to showing-off and reputation, but even more dangerous, in my mind, I had acknowledged the old force arrangements; I had acknowledged the persecution.

Master has arranged for us to work, live, cultivate, and offer salvation to sentient beings in a normal social environment, but the old forces throw us into prisons and forced labor camps using all kinds of excuses. Actually, whether we get out after having been "reformed" or not, none of these things should have occurred. These are all old force arrangements, but Master does not acknowledge them. Even if we break through these arrangements with our righteous thoughts, this breaking through is only the first step. We must not only break through the old force arrangements and persecution, but also return to the Fa-rectification.

So, no matter how well we may have done while enduring persecution, talking about it should not be something that we should feel good about or delight in. Instead, we should assimilate ourselves to the grand tide of Fa-rectification; do well the three things that Master requires of us; and take the path that Master has arranged for us.