(Minghui.org) Greetings to all the Dafa disciples around the world!

The call for photographic entries on the theme "Resisting the Persecution and Validating the Fa" has been expanded to a call for photographic entries for "On a Divine Path." "On a Divine Path" encompasses the time from when Master first disseminated the Fa to today, and can include all positive subject matters as Dafa disciples have walked on the divine path. The requirement is that the work is a true accounting and can bear witness to history as a part of this process.

In addition to being used to clarify the truth, the entered works will be considered for use in the historical album being planned by the Minghui editors. If everyone can work together well and collectively provide enough works that are powerful, expressive, and capture important moments in history, this album can become a potent instrument for our Dafa disciples as we go about clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings, as well as serve as important testimony for the future. We respectfully invite Dafa disciples all around the world, especially those who were present during the historic events and witnessed the poignant moments, professional photographers among Dafa disciples, photography enthusiasts, and collectors of precious photographs, to selflessly support and participate in this effort.

Requirements for entries:

  1. Subject matter: The subject matter should be clear and conception explicit.

  2. Technique of expression: The technique used should be orthodox and traditional. Especially when it comes to depictions of Dafa disciples validating the Fa, the composition should be complete, the general appearance bright, distinct, and positive. We are looking for works that are complete in composition, and avoid incorporating modern, deviated concepts and techniques such as artificially making the photograph darker, hazier, incomplete, aged, etc.

  3. Captions: Please make sure to provide captions. They should be concise and accurate, and serve to clarify the truth to those who are not familiar with the content of the photographs. These must include the following:

    1. Title of the work

    2. Author's name and contact information (those from China may use aliases)

    3. Date, location, and circumstances around the taking of the photograph

    4. Brief summary and explanation of the event being captured

  4. Previously published works: For works that have previously been published, please submit again if there are now copies that are of higher quality.

  5. Post-processing: Under the premise that the integrity of the photograph remains intact, it is permissible to appropriately crop, adjust brightness and sharpness, and correct discoloration--but please take care to preserve and present the original, natural effect, color, and general appearance. Do not use techniques that distort the authenticity such as using montages, inversions, superimpositions, and the like.

  6. Document format and size:

    1. If the original for a submission is an electronic document, please use the JPEG format, with size not exceeding 2MB to facilitate ease of receipt. Please retain the high resolution original electronic document. For the best of the works entered, the Minghui/Clearwisdom website may request the original high-resolution documents from the submitter.

    2. If the original is a photograph, as much as possible, please scan into an electronic document for submission. The same format and size restriction for the electronic document apply. Please retain the original negative and printed photograph.

  7. Mailbox for submissions: Please send via email to article@minghui.org. It is preferable for the submitter to provide both the original photograph and the electronic original. The originals can be sent to the following address: 115 Franklin Turnpike, #125, Mahwah, NJ 07430, U.S.A.

  8. In the title of the emails, please specify "Photographic Submissions for 'On the Divine Path'," so as to facilitate correct processing by the editing team.

  9. Deadline: July 31, 2010

Minghui Editors

June 12, 2010