(Clearwisdom.net) When I began reading the book Zhuan Falun a year ago, I knew right away that this was what I had been looking for, and I started my cultivation right away.

During the first two months, my family members were not supportive, but my mind was firm, and I handled their negative comments like tests. I did everything according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and hoped that they would come to see the goodness of Dafa through my actions. I also did not resent them, even when they accused me of being evil. I remained calm and attempted to offer them salvation.

In a short period of time, six of the seven family members also began to practice Falun Gong. I believe this to be a manifestation of the power of Dafa. Master must have seen my persistence in cultivation and strengthened my righteous thoughts, thereby helping me change the environment.

Over time, I realized the importance of Fa-rectification and helping Master save sentient beings. I began to speak with people in the street, in school, and in taxi cabs about the goodness of Dafa and the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution thereof, advising them to quit the CCP to ensure a good future for themselves.

Master encouraged me through this process: I could see flowers from other dimensions through my cell phone, including blooming Udumbara flowers that are said to bloom only once every 3,000 years.

As I continued to gain understandings of Dafa principles, I realized how Dafa materials can be used to help more people understand the facts. I asked other practitioners for these materials, but did not get any: They were either too busy with other projects or were worried that I may not be able to safely distribute such materials on my own since I was quite new to Dafa.

One day I read one of Master's new lectures, which said that practitioners should not rely on others for obtaining materials to validate the Fa. I then gathered paper and markers and made truth-clarification posters with the help of my three children, who are also practitioners. We went out and hung the posters along the street during the night, and we felt very happy.

At one time, another practitioner and I went to a school to clarify the facts to students. We saw a group of students at recess, but when we attempted to reach them, they left for class. At that moment, a man walked up to us and said that he was depressed and was looking for someone to talk to. We regarded this as a good opportunity to clarify the facts, so we sat down to have a conversation with him. At that point, we noted that his behavior was odd, and he seemed to be against everything we said. We sensed that he was a CCP agent. At first, we panicked a little, but soon we calmed down and thought that we were there to save him, regardless of his profession.

A while later, he identified himself and expressed his reluctance in working as a CCP agent. After our in-depth conversation, his expressionless face turned into a smile, and he seemed to change into a completely different person. He related many evil acts that he had encountered while being involved with the CCP. He said that he did not know why he trusted us and was compelled to tell us things that he would not even share with his family. I told him that it was because Master has great compassion for anyone who wants to be saved. When we first advised him to quit the CCP, he said that he felt unworthy of being saved after helping the CCP to do many evil things. I told him, however, that what he had done in the past was under the influence of the CCP, and that he should stop these evil actions immediately. In the end, he agreed to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

One day I bought a DVD burner to make copies of Shen Yun concert DVDs to distribute to people. That same day, I dreamed of flowers all over the place. As our local Fa-validation efforts expanded, however, this small DVD burner was no longer adequate. At that point, several practitioners chipped in and bought a better DVD burner to increase the quality and the quantity of our materials.

We also hang truth-clarification posters at night and study the Fa afterward, no matter how late it is. Thereby, we have established many ways to let people know about the goodness of Dafa and the CCP's persecution. All of us have cooperated well with each other, while not relying on others in our Fa-rectification efforts, and we have also improved our xinxing at the same time. My children accompany me to distribute the DVDs when other practitioners are busy with other projects. We are fulfilled, happy, and walk on the path arranged by Master.