(Clearwisdom.net) I had not been able to walk normally for two years, but now I can. Two years ago I had an injury that affected my bones, causing me to walk with a limp, but I have recovered without any medical treatment or therapy. I have learned from the Buddha School cultivation way of Falun Gong that a person's pains and troubles in life result from one's own karma. I had faith in Teacher's Fa, and I had faith that Teacher would help me walk again.

Cultivation is not easy and human attachments typically prevent a cultivator from evaluating the tribulations they encounter. If a cultivator should fail to have a good understanding of the Buddha Fa, the old forces and evil elements from other dimensions are likely to exploit this loophole. In my humble opinion, this is the main reason why many cultivators suffer from tribulations for a long time. Unless a cultivator can recognize the importance of identifying their human attachments, they are likely to never find, or look for, the root cause of their suffering.

I knew it was not enough to passively eliminate my karma by enduring the pain I experienced from walking. Before my feet touched the ground I had already anticipated the pain that was to come from simply trying to walk. Due to this attachment, and the expectation of pain, I had a limp for two years.

This spring was very cold, so our schedule to farm the land was postponed for two weeks. When we finally started the spring farming, I would get up earlier and work late to make up for the lost time. Because of my busy schedule, I completely forgot about my feet, and before I knew it I had stopped limping. When I had calmed down from the initial excitement, I began to contemplate what the problem was and how it had suddenly disappeared. I realized that the pain was caused by my human attachment, as I had always anticipated pain when I tried to use my legs. It was my own notion that caused me to limp.

From this experience I have learned that it is more significant to a cultivators development to remove their human attachments or notions and transform their mind nature, than to simply endure suffering.

In my understanding, the old forces and evil elements typically exploit human attachments that a cultivator has harbored for a long time. Therefore, in order to be free of tribulations and advance towards Consummation, a cultivator must be diligent and live up to the high standards required when it comes to cultivating in the Buddha Fa.

These insights are limited to my present level of cultivation. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate or erroneous in my understanding. I hope that we will advance together in our cultivation and assist Teacher in Fa-rectification.