(Clearwisdom.net) Cultivating Dafa for more than ten years, I have experienced numerous miracles first hand. I would like to briefly discuss the miracles that my husband experienced.

Initially, my husband was not a practitioner. He used to suffer from a dislocated spinal disc around the lower back area. When it was serious, he would need the assistance of a walking stick. Later the pain progressed to his legs and he had difficulty walking. He spent a lot of money on medical treatments but his condition did not get much better. As farmers, our income was not high and our children were still small. I frequently sighed, "How are we going to make ends meet!" I urged him to listen to Master's lectures and he agreed. Before he even finished the nine lectures, he had already recovered from his illness!

At one time, an egg-sized lump grew on his arm. He would suffer heart-wrenching pain if the lump was touched. At that time, a practitioner was about to install a satellite dish for someone and did not have a vehicle. My husband took the initiative to drive the equipment there and saved the day. Two days later, the lump disappeared on its own! I asked him what had happened. He laughed and said, "I did a good deed for Dafa and I received good fortune!"

There was another incident around the end of 1997, the price of milk was undervalued because the Nestle company in Shuangcheng City and the local government were in collusion. Thus, many farmers who have cows that produce milk sold their milk to other areas, creating tension with the local police. My husband spoke up for the farmers and asked the police why they behaved this way. As a result, he was detained and was physically assaulted and lost feeling in his legs. He missed home very much and it was only about two weeks before our daughter would be getting married. The cows at home also needed maintenance. His thought was: "I cannot be paralyzed!" Thus, he recited, "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." With realizing it, his legs had recovered!