(Clearwisdom.net) There is a saying: "People who are in the same business are usually foes." That is to say, because of the mentality of competition, people in the same business are unlikely to be friends.

I have a business and sell clothing, and there is another person in the shopping mall who does the same thing. We get along well with each other, although we have similar merchandise from the same wholesale source.

One day she came to my shop and saw a particular style that she also had in stock. Pointing at me, she said, "How can you sell the same styles as I do? You are so mean!" With those words, she dumped the clothes on the floor and left.

Although I did not argue with her, I felt very bad. I thought she was in the wrong since I had bought that style more than a month before and had been selling it for a while, whereas she had only started to offer it for sale the day before. It is unreasonable for good friends to break up so easily. Was it true that people in the same business are indeed foes?

While reading Zhuan Falun that evening, I was touched by Master's words,

"In the community of cultivators, the relationship between loss and gain is frequently brought up. Among everyday people, it is also discussed. How should our practitioners treat losses and gains? It is different from ordinary people. What everyday people want is personal gain and how to live well and comfortably. Our practitioners are not this way, but exactly the opposite. We do not seek what everyday people want. Instead, what we get is something everyday people cannot obtain--even though they want to--except through cultivation practice."

As a practitioner, why should I fight for material interests? That is something an everyday person wants. How can a practitioner pursue it? Shouldn't we should improve in this regard following the principles of the Fa? I decided to stop selling that style in my shop and gave her what I had left. In addition, I thanked her for helping me by giving me an opportunity to improve my xinxing.

Through this incident, my friend was very touched. Holding my hands, she said, "You Falun Gong practitioners are indeed different from everyday people. I trust people like you. From my heart, I want to say, 'Falun Dafa is good.'"