(Clearwisdom.net) The following describes some the miraculous events that occurred in China before 1999. I feel that it's another validation of what is written in the book Zhuan Falun.

When our exercise site was initially established, it was comprised of just a few practitioners who had been to Teacher's in-person seminars. After only two years, the number of practitioners at our site grew to about a hundred. As our site continued growing, it was divided into three or four independent exercise sites. Falun Gong's popularity was expanding very swiftly back then.

Many miraculous incidents occurred at our exercise site from the very beginning. Some events are truly hard to believe unless you've experienced them first hand.

A young couple brought their six-year-old daughter with them for Fa study and exercise. The little girl usually played on her own. One day, the couple asked our site coordinator, "Why did our daughter say that the Falun symbol on the back of the Falun Gong cassette tape that we bought yesterday was spinning?" Our site coordinator responded, "The girl's Celestial Eye has opened."

On another occasion, the couple was heading to a new exercise site with their daughter. They knew roughly where the site was, but not its specific location. The little girl said to her parents, "I know where it is. The exercise site is the one that has that big Falun spinning over it!"

There was one practitioner who had practiced another qigong for many years before starting to practice Falun Gong. When he first attended Teacher's Fa lectures, he listened with his eyes closed because of the habit he had developed in his previous qigong practice. Suddenly he heard Teacher say, "All who have their eyes shut, open them now." He immediately felt his heart jump and realized that Teacher wasn't some average qigong master. Due to being subjected to many years of atheistic education and brainwashing, he wasn't able to fully understand the contents of the lectures during the eight days of Teacher's seminar, but he nonetheless felt that the lectures were incredible.

Soon after the seminars, however, something miraculous happened to him. Upon returning from his business trip, the practitioner traveled by his parents' home. After visiting his parents, he took a bus to get to the train station. As the bus was crawling slowly over railway tracks in heavy traffic, the engine suddenly died. There were three rows of vehicles in front of and behind the bus, leaving the bus with nowhere to go. The driver was unable to re-start the engine. Just then, a cargo train was seen moving toward the bus at high speed. Everyone on the bus was in a panic. One person even jumped out of a bus window. At that moment, this practitioner wasn't scared one bit. He shouted, "There's nothing to be alarmed about!" Before he even finished his sentence, the bus engine suddenly started back up, and the bus moved forward off of the tracks just as the train passed. This practitioner looked ahead of the bus and wondered, "Where did the cars that were blocking the bus in the front go?!" Since Zhuan Falun wasn't yet published, he didn't realize what had happened. After Zhuan Falun came out in 1995, he finally understood that it was Teacher who had protected him! We really can't express our gratitude to Teacher enough!

When he was later faced with overcoming his attachment to self-interest, he saw brand new 100 yuan bills laying on the street. When he went to withdraw money from the bank, he got an extra 50 yuan. Of course, on both occasions he returned the money to the authorities.

After practicing Falun Gong for two years, he discovered while taking a bath that his body had changed drastically. His skin had become delicate and smooth. Falun Gong was indeed a cultivation system for both mind and body!

When this practitioner previously practiced another qigong from the Dao system, he was very perplexed by the phrase "shishen [Main Primordial Spirit] dies and the [Assistant] Primordial Spirit is born," since the qigong writings never explained it clearly. It was only after reading Lecture Eight in Zhuan Falun that he clearly understood its meaning. No matter what stage in history, all cultivation ways always cultivated the Assistant Spirit. Falun Dafa is the only system that cultivates the Main Spirit. That is what makes Dafa so great!

One day, a man showed up at our exercise site with a serious case of facial edema. He wanted to learn Falun Gong. He was very frail, and from what he told us, he was suffering from many illnesses and was on many medications. He had heard that Falun Gong was a great practice, so he wanted to give it a try. After he started the practice, his body underwent noticeable changes almost daily. By the tenth day, he appeared to be a perfectly healthy person. The swelling disappeared from his face, his complexion became fair and healthy looking, and his body was now strong and sturdy. He said that after reading Zhuan Falun, he knew that Teacher had cleansed his body. He was free of illness, and he discarded his medications. He dumped all the expensive imported pills into the sewer and burned his medical records. It was because he had a steadfast heart to practice cultivation, improve his morality, and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance that his body underwent such an amazing transformation--and it all happened so quickly!

Many other incredible events also took place. For instance, practitioners whose Celestial Eye was open saw a large shield with red light above the exercise site, with a giant Falun and Teacher's Law Body above it. As the practitioners practiced the third exercise, strands of Faluns ran along with the upward and downward exercise motion. Some practitioners saw that their bodies became crystal clear. There were so many of these cases.

It's unfortunate that such a miraculous practice, one that has blessed hundreds of millions of people with good health, and one of such high morality, is being persecuted by the vile Chinese Communist Party (CCP). People should calmly consider that this very practice, this very Teacher, Li Hongzhi, this very book Zhuan Falun--why were they so suddenly propagandized by the CCP, why did they go from from being regarded as good to being regarded as bad overnight? How was this possible? The CCP has illegally outlawed Falun Gong for over ten years, and yet Falun Gong has not disappeared, but instead is now practiced in over 100 countries around the world. Zhuan Falun has been translated into over 30 languages! People should think about this matter carefully. The evil can only keep up its smear campaign for a limited time, while the shine of gold lasts eternally! If this practice is allowed to openly resume in China today, miracles will continue to spread!

Learning from Zhuan Falun and obtaining the Fa is something that all sentient beings have long awaited. It is the true purpose of life for every person in the world today.