(Clearwisdom.net) Until recently I was very confused about my occupation.

I had enjoyed literature since I was young and had read many books of literature in my spare time after my school studies. When I read nice sounding phrases I copied them into a notebook. When I was in melancholy moods I went to bookstores, because I felt that only books could truly calm my mind. In my teenage years I wrote many short poems to express my feelings, and I very much longed for the graceful world portrayed in literature and was infatuated with weaving a dream world in youthful rosy colors. However, the path of life in this world is not always as pleasant as people wish for. Mistakenly and unexpectedly, with no other career alternatives, I chose accounting. However, since I was very young I dealt poorly with numbers and I didn't take money seriously. I "regarded money as muck and considered highly only the talent and affections in this world," and I was aloof from worldly affairs. It has been twenty years since I started working in accounting and in this twenty years, I have been passively studying specialty skills in the area of finance and accounting. Most of the studies were due to the urgent needs of my work, or because I wasn't willing to fall behind others. In fact, I was trying to outdo others.

It's been extremely painful working in this profession for so long. I had a poor foundation for this work, and am not really interested in this profession. In addition, accounting and finance has very tough requirements, bears heavy responsibilities, and requires much external coordination. Since I started practicing Falun Gong, I have been thinking about why I engaged in a profession that has made me suffer. One night when I was studying the Fa, a thought flashed through my mind, "The reason I engaged in this profession was to build a solid foundation in my everyday life."

First, financial bookkeeping has a set of strict rules. For every transaction there are well-defined accounting rules, and the transaction can't be processed at will. There are strict requirements defining how the transaction should be recorded and accountants must follow the rules of the financial requirements. In doing this work one must give up personal interest and bias. I felt this was a manifestation of the cultivation of "Truth."

Second, regarding xinxing, the accounting profession has professional requirements with heavy responsibilities, but with low pay. The person needs to coordinate with other departments and is often in the situation of putting forth his efforts without being appreciated. The person often encounters xinxing tests. While doing this job over time, one needs to maintain a peaceful mind, take personal fame and gain lightly, and take on the risk and responsibility required by this profession. One needs to treat people kindly when coordinating with others and understand the difficulties of others. The person needs to have a good xinxing. I felt that this manifests in the cultivation of Compassion and Forbearance.

Third, regarding literature, the kind of literature I was interested in when I was young, which emphasized emotional expression, can over time, deeply trap a person into focusing on emotions. This is what a cultivator should discard through cultivation.

I suddenly realized the above when I was studying the Fa a moment ago. I was suddenly enlightened and felt a mixture of joy and sorrow. I was sad because for so many years I created difficulties for myself, and my mentality of trying to avoid reality was a dead end pursuit. However, all the difficulties were originally arranged for my cultivation. I was happy because the boundless Dafa and merciful Master enlightened me. The paths for Dafa practitioners are predestined. All are in the Fa and all came for the Fa.

I sincerely thank Master for awakening me. From now on, I will conduct myself according to the principles of the Fa and no matter how big the difficulties I encounter, I will follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and do the three things well. I will do what a Dafa practitioner should do to save sentient beings and I will cultivate to consummation and return to my original home following Master.