Feb. 22

When Ms. Yin Fengqin refused to accept the brainwashing by CCP agents at home, the police tried to arrest her. During the struggle, she fell from the fifth floor and died. Her husband was paralyzed as a result of persecution. Her daughter suffers a nervous breakdown due to mistreatment. Her son in law is being jailed in a prison.

Feb. 24

After her January 2010 arrest Ms. Wu had to be temporarily hospitalized.

Feb. 25

Ms. Jiang Zhaofang and Ms. Ju Lili were sent to the Xinxiang Women's Prison on January 16, 2010 after a secret trial. Both have suffered previous persecution. since 1999.

Feb. 26

Ms. Gao Qiying had been abducted in 2008 before the arrival of the Olympic torch in her town. She died in custody on February 12, 2010 within weeks of complaining to her family that prison authorities had injected her with an unknown drug.
Mr. Sun has been tortured to the point of having broken bones.

Feb. 27

Mr. Liu family was not notified of his 'trial' and not given enough time to appeal.

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