(Clearwisdom.net) My understanding of Master's lecture "Teaching Fa to Australia Practitioners" is that five fingers held together are much stronger than five fingers held apart.

The "Chopsticks Dance" in the Shen Yun performances similarly tells us that one chopstick can be easily broken under pressure, but it is difficult to break many chopsticks.

I realize that Fa rectification is close to completion, and there are higher and higher requirements for our overall coordination. It is not good enough that several practitioners cultivate well together, or that some areas are doing well. Fa rectification requires all Dafa practitioners in China and the whole world to form one body. As I understand it, this is also a requirement for Master to rectify the universal Fa. Only when the whole body improves and unites, can Dafa's boundless greatness be exhibited.

Since the persecution began in 1999, our area has been similar to other areas in China in that our cultivation environment was destroyed. But fellow practitioners' footsteps have not stopped following Master's Fa-rectification. Everyone witnessed the changes in the Fa rectification situation: from short-term scattered individuals to rapidly recovered group Fa study sites; from truth clarification materials depending solely on external sources to material sites blossoming everywhere; from nobody distributing truth clarification materials to mass-produced materials still not being sufficient to meet demand; from few practitioners walking in front, to now everyone being a coordinator, actively participating, playing our own strengths in projects to save sentient beings, looking inward, harmonizing each other, and steadily doing the three things well.

How has this happened? My understanding is that it is the result of Fa rectification moving forward, and Master's blessing and orderly arrangements. Practitioners also now have a steady Fa study environment, and the painstaking efforts of selfless coordinators also play a part.

Master told us that we need to study the Fa more, and study the Fa well, and then we can do as we should. In our area, we have established stable group Fa study locations, and we maintain regular study times and routines, known to all in the group. We study Zhuan Falun during day time, and study Master's other teachings and new lectures at night.

As studying Fa and experience sharing becomes more in-depth, fellow practitioners are improving their understandings rapidly. This has resulted in great changes. More and more practitioners have come out to do the three things. An environment of studying the Fa, cultivation, and saving people naturally forms. Some practitioners who wanted to come out but were afraid have been able to clarify the truth alongside others. By coordinating with each other, their fear attachment was eliminated and they can now clarify the truth by themselves. Just like that, truth clarification groups were formed.

Some practitioners send forth righteous thoughts, and some clarify the truth face-to-face. Practitioners coordinate and harmonize with each other, forming a unified field. In this field, the bad factors in our thoughts were surprised and eliminated. Our efforts to convince people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) meet with more and more success. We can feel that the strength of all of us together as one body is enormous.

In the grinding environment, practitioners improve together, and become increasingly mature and wise. When facing conflicts or tribulations, practitioners can immediately improve through sharing. When practitioners were interfered with or arrested, nobody tried to find fault with them, and instead helped to rescue them.

In the competition between good and evil, practitioners all have the same feeling, that the effectiveness of the one body is best when putting away oneself. Ordinary people may think that the authorities had made their decision, that a case had already been decided in court, and accept the facts of the persecution, believing that nothing can be changed. Yet, our Dafa practitioners dissolve such persecution, our righteous thoughts showing their divine power.

"Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." (Zhuan Falun)

As long as our practitioners' xinxing reaches this point and we remain aligned with the Fa, any miracle can happen.

Reflecting on our experiences of the last two years, practitioners in our area have enlightened to the fact that soon Dafa's true power will be displayed in the world; sentient beings will awaken, and the forces of evil will be eliminated. This will happen when all Dafa practitioners in China realize the importance of forming one unified body, work hard and coordinate well together, starting everything with looking inward first.

I welcome fellow practitioners' addition to any missed points.